About Us

A Global Provider of Construction Solutions

RIB Software is a pioneering enterprise, committed to driving innovation in the construction and real estate industries. The company designs, develops, and offers integrated collaboration solutions, Facility Management and RIB technology, which is the world’s first Big Data BIM 5D enterprise solution for the construction industry.

Since inception in 1961, RIB Software has explored and introduced new working methods and technologies to enhance construction productivity. Such approaches include cloud technologies, supply chain management and AI, all of which can play a significant role in digitising our industry as we move forward. RIB Software is headquartered in Stuttgart and Hong Kong, with over 2700 talents at work in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Our mission is to create end-to-end value for the entire chain of a building project – from design and execution through to operation. RIB Software has availed itself of the world’s most modern technologies and created a revolutionary working method, which integrates 5D virtualised processes into physical construction.

The History of RIB CX

The origins of RIB CX date back to 1998, when a product known as ProjectCentre was launched in Sydney, Australia to provide a digital solution for a construction industry pain point. ProjectCentre sought to eliminate the exchange of bulky, hard-copy drawing revisions on construction projects, in a time when printouts were sent between project stakeholders via courier. The platform aimed to use the Internet as a database to store, manage and maintain control of these revisions, but grew over the years into a full suite of collaboration exchange and project management software.

ProjectCentre was acquired by RIB Software in late 2012, and the platform was integrated with RIB’s 5D capabilities and relaunched as RIB CX in July 2013. This combination proved to be a game-changer for clients searching for a pathway to 5D BIM-based, integrated enterprise project management and control. Since this date, our SaaS platform has been widely implemented by major enterprises across Australia and New Zealand before being introduced globally. As of 2021, RIB CX is unlocking end-to-end efficiencies on major projects around the world.

RIB CX is constantly developing to support the latest RIB Software innovations and industry demands. There is endless scope for digitalisation across the global construction industry, and RIB CX will continue to assist those ready to revolutionise their processes.

Web-Based Software Solutions Across the Value Chain

As a forerunner for industry digitalisation, RIB Software offers a wide range of software solutions to enhance modern construction projects.

Quantity surveyors and estimators can digitalise their processes with RIB CostX®, RIB’s industry-leading 5D BIM estimating platform. RIB CostX® is used in over 90 countries and combines 2D and 3D/BIM estimating with extra features such as auto-revisioning, spreadsheet-based workbooks, a custom report writer, subcontractor comparison tools and much more.

RIB CX, RIB CostX® and many other RIB solutions can be integrated as part of a bespoke MTWO Complete Construction Cloud. The MTWO enterprise platform helps construction managers to take the next step in their digital transformation through 5D BIM, big data and other next-generation technologies. To view the entire ecosystem of RIB products that can be implemented within your MTWO Complete Construction Cloud, take a look at the MTWO Marketplace website.

The RIB Mission

The RIB Manifesto was first signed by top visionaries of the construction industry at RIB World 2013 in Hong Kong, to reaffirm their commitment to the transformation of the global industry. Every year since then, the Manifesto has been signed by the growing RIB community as a signal of our intention to drive the industry forward.

“The integration of the virtual into the physical engineering process – RIB Technology – is revolutionising the global construction business in the 21st century. New technology demands new thinking and new working methods to transform construction to the most advanced industry on our planet. We are running together to create the next generation of living.”

RIB HK Manifesto