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Streamlined Contracts and Clauses for Defence Projects

Conducting procurement activities and managing contract delivery can be very complicated on defence projects. Thankfully, RIB CX can be delivered with a suite of Defence Proformas to support projects that require transmission of Australian Commonwealth defence contracts and clauses.

RIB CX Compliant with ADF Standards

Compliant with ADF Standards

A variety of electronic, pre-built contracts and clauses can be made available as part of the RIB CX solution. These tendering and contracting templates are compliant with Australian requirements. The Department of Defence regularly assess their proforma standards to ensure they remain relevant, contemporary and reflect best practice.

RIB CX Save Time on Research

Save Time on Research

RIB CX Defence Proformas are designed to be as simple as possible for users to interact with, so no time is wasted researching required templates for tendering and contracting. This allows users to prioritise other management tasks that will have the greatest positive impact on their projects.

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