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A better way to manage all your project data.

Create Value from Design Through Development

RIB CX grants developers the power to identify improvements across all project phases, ranging from planning and scheduling to project closeout.

Our integrated platform can be delivered custom modules for developers with a specific vision. Included in the developer project management software are Modules for sustainability, risk & safety management, while daily site tracking can be added to support unique project requirements.

Produce Seamless Status Reports

Produce Seamless Status Reports

Project developers can create easy and accurate reports within RIB CX, with quality requirements, status of individual Work Lots and overall project progress able to be outlined. Reports can be generated with ease and customised to suit the preference of key project stakeholders.

Track and Analyse Crucial Metrics

Track and Analyse Crucial Metrics

Developers need reliable access to the best possible data to make decisions on project performance. RIB CX provides detailed metrics across numerous modules, with everything from document revision stats to test requests able to be tracked to inform future processes.

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