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A better way to manage all your project data.

Synchronise Processes Across Every Project Phase

Project owners require a platform that delivers across every construction phase, and RIB CX is built to support evolving projects from preliminary design through to final submission.

Our project manager software is an integrated solution that promotes better coherence between design and production, driving cost reductions and optimal knowledge sharing across the entire project timeline.

Identify Risk with Comprehensive Dashboards and Analytics

Identify Risk with Comprehensive Dashboards and Analytics

With the RIB CX solution, project owners can rely upon extensive and easy-to-access dashboards to track statuses in real-time. These graphics allow owners to view outstanding items at a glance, with Action widgets provided for quick access to the forms in question. Owners can change graphical views according to their preference and utilise breadcrumb browsing to identify relevant information and reports.

Support Reliable Correspondence Between Stakeholders

Support Reliable Correspondence Between Stakeholders

Ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the right information is vital for project owners, and RIB CX services this need with a powerful Correspondence module. Owners can restrict access permissions based on project function, set pre-addressing and distribution rules and design their own correspondence layouts, all within an evolved forum-based system.

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