iTWO cx Project Start

A Built To Scale Platform for Construction Projects of All Sizes

RIB CX Project Start is an out-of-the-box deployment option by RIB Software, designed to supply businesses with a practical and project-ready platform for construction management.

Whether you’re a small contracting firm looking to collaborate on larger projects, or an established consultancy striving to improve your online management, our web-based platform features all the integrated modules you’ll need for project success.

RIB CX Project Start features dedicated modules for Correspondence, a Publication Space for document control, Contracts Administration, Defects, Quality Management, Tenders and more. All project roles can collaborate efficiently within our cloud system on any device.

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Count Upon Local Training and Support When You Need It Most

With many project platforms, the setup and onboarding process can be time-consuming and frustrating. It can take several rounds of discussions to get your platform up-and-running for suitable commercial use.

RIB CX Project Start simplifies matters through intuitive templates and a streamlined deployment process, led by local professionals who understand the industry and are committed to customer care. Your business can rely upon timely and practical support across the duration of your construction project, delivered by our qualified team in Brisbane and Sydney.

A Trusted Construction Project Management Option Since 1997

The RIB CX platform was first launched in 1997 (when known as ‘ProjectCentre’) and is constantly developed to suit the latest needs of our evolving industry. We have honed our service offering across more than 20 years of successful deployments on major construction projects.

We’re dedicated to building long-term client relationships here at RIB, and RIB CX Project Start represents the perfect introduction to our trusted project platform.

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RIB CX Project Start vs RIB CX

Which solution would work best for your requirements? Review this quick checklist below.

RIB CX Project Start RIB CX
Does your company want something that’s easily scalable? Do your projects have specific or unique management needs that will require a custom approach?
Are you looking to get started straight away? Are you a larger company that would need to have multiple stakeholders working within your project management solution?
Do you represent a small/medium contracting or consulting firm looking to take your construction management project to the next level? Is your enterprise looking to improve standard processes and unlock productivity benefits across multiple projects?
RIB CX Project Start would be best for you.

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RIB CX would be best for you.

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