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Publication Space

Manage and Distribute Documents for Simplicity and Security

Simple, efficient and transparent document sharing is essential for every project. Publication Space is document control software designed specifically for the construction industry. It’s a core module on the RIB CX platform that makes it easy to share files, drawings, reports, contracts, schedules and more. As a cloud-based platform, it’s constantly updated for real-time information and is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Teams need collaboration tools to succeed. With Publication Space, you can access files from a secure document management system that supports diverse file formats and sizes. Our document management software works with mobile devices, so you can access all your files from your pocket. 

Publication Space is designed to bring all your documents together into a centralised platform. With simple integration into other modules, it gives project managers instant access to the information they need to make tough decisions.

RIB CX Project Management Software
Control Document Access

Information management is important for project managers to get right. Why work with outdated designs and delivery methods? RIB CX allows managers to set permission levels for when stakeholders can issue, access or update certain documents. With these limits in place, every interaction made with every document can be tracked and traced in the data log. 

To prevent the risk of losing documents, all previous versions of documents are archived for convenience and future reference. This can also help build knowledge for future projects and increase efficiency as you grow.

RIB CX Project Management Software
A More Efficient Workflow

Projects can take a turn at a moment’s notice. With Publication Space’s file share features, new revisions can be passed effortlessly to project stakeholders, creating efficient workflows. Other workflows automate thanks to real-time sync updates, ensuring valuable and accurate information is available to those who need it. 

If you have urgent tasks to complete, you can use the document review workflows. This helps to fast-track the review process and have them taken care of sooner.

RIB CX Project Management Software
Access a Full History of Controlled Documents

All downloads, amendments and distribution can be tracked using Publication Space. By having access to a full history of controlled documents, you can keep a record of all interactions. As RIB CX uses cloud storage, all files and data are securely backed up. This creates an efficient audit trail should an investigation be required.

RIB CX Project Management Software
Review Documents From Any Location

Remote access is essential for modern project management. With our mobile apps, you can access Publication Space on the go, reviewing documents for decision making or referring to a project schedule. Document annotations are updated in real-time, making it easy to provide feedback as well.


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