4 Ways To Improve Project Collaboration In Construction

Collaboration is essential to the success of construction projects. Stakeholders are realising that sharing knowledge and information is a key factor in completing projects on time and within budget, all the while delivering a quality product to the client.

When collaboration happens between teams it can lead to benefits like innovation, time and cost-saving, better value for the client, reduced errors and unnecessary rework. The challenge is creating a system that supports collaboration and creates a connected team for better project performance and reduced risks.

In this blog, we’ll outline four ways to integrate and improve project collaboration in construction.


1. Begin Collaborating At The Start

In order for collaboration to have the best chance at success, it needs to begin at the start of the project. At the early planning stages, bringing together the key players like owners, architects, engineers and contractors can help improve decision making and planning. During the design phase, these project teams should have a voice and input on scheduling, coordination, materials, and so on. This helps everyone get on the same page and sets the tone for the project.

When team leaders are brought together, it creates a collaborative environment for innovation to thrive.


2. Define Roles And Responsibilities Early On

Successful project managers use planning to their advantage and define roles and responsibilities early on.

One of the main causes of conflict is a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities. This can be avoided by setting out expectations early in the project and revisiting them as needed. This also includes documenting how decisions will be made, who has authority to make them and when.

Project managers should allocate roles and responsibilities to the parties most informed to manage them. Using their authority and leadership ability, they should also get teams to meet regularly to discuss and monitor how work is progressing and look at ways to improve and adjust if necessary.


3. Make Communication Simple

Communication and collaboration go hand in hand. Prioritising team communication helps to keep everyone on the same page so that they can find solutions sooner. This starts with setting up systems and procedures that everyone understands, trusts and can follow.

There are many ways to improve communication. First, regular check-ins with stakeholders ensure that everyone is on track. This could be daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the project.

Another is using project collaboration tools to help streamline discussions and resources. Features like messaging, task lists and document sharing help with informing everyone about what’s happening and what needs to be done.


4. Integrate Construction Management Software Solutions

Another way to improve collaboration is by integrating construction management software solutions. Construction project management software such as iTWO cx can be used to track and manage construction projects from start to finish.

This type of software includes features like document management, tender analysis, contracts administration, defects and quality management and Building Information Modeling (BIM) support.

With all these features integrated into a single platform, collaboration can thrive.


Improve Project Collaboration With iTWO cx

Project collaboration needs powerful software tools that enable teams from diverse areas to work together.

iTWO cx is a cloud-based software that was designed specifically for construction projects. It helps you track project costs, schedule, and performance so you can bring together teams like never before.

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