iTWO cx December Release


Select a bidder from any trade when creating a package

Creating a package has been streamlined with our “All Trades” option. By selecting this option you will be able to Add a bidder to your package irrespective of the trade they are associated with.

Withdraw Bidders from a package

Now you can easily Withdraw/Remove a bidder from a package at your discretion. Simply select the bidder(s) you want to remove and select Withdraw Bidders from the Bidder Tools drop down. Any bidder who is withdrawn will immediately lose access to their bidder page.

What’s great is that you can always reinstate them at any time prior to the Close date of the Package. The process is simple, You pick the Bidders you want and Reinstate them. This will immediately notify and grant those bidders access to your package

Change category for existing Packages

Now you can easily update the category selection for any existing tender packages as well. The option can be be found on the Package Info tab. To change simply select the value you want in the drop down. iTWO cx will save this automatically. No need to click any save buttons. The updated options will also be reflected real time in the Tender Dashboard.

Preview documents from the Document tab

You can now directly preview your Documents from the Document tab of a package. Just click on the file name to get to the Preview page

Export package document details to Excel or PDF

With one click you can now export the details of all the documents for the Current set of a package to Excel or PDF

Document Register/ Transmittals

Revision sequence checking on Transmittal upload

Revision sequence checking will help prevent Documents being uploaded to your Register that are in the wrong order. Please contact us for further information about how to enable this new functionality.


Auto-complete search when adding a new Company

Adding an existing company to your project is now a breeze with our new auto complete list. As you start typing a company name, iTWO cx will do the hard work and try to see if this company name already exists in our system. If it does, the system will give you a list of companies that match what you’ve typed in. Pick the company you need from the list and you are done!

User Interface

Made the menu easier to resize

Sometimes you want a wider view of a iTWO cx Document or to expand the menu to see an item in full detail. We admit it was a bit annoying in the past. We’ve made it much easier now with an easily selectable area which can be moved around to your heart’s content.

You can select and hold with your mouse and then drag the panel left or right.

Don’t forget you can completely collapse the menu as well by clicking on the “<" icon next to the iTWO cx logo.

Order of names on the Send New Users Email list

The list is now sorted by User Code to help you easily identify the users that you are looking for.