Bulk Update Tools For Tenders

At iTWO cx, we are focused on building better ways for you to work with our products. Today, we want to let you know about some key updates to our Tendering Module. With this release, we are introducing a number of tools to make it easier for Tender Admins and users to update Tender packages in bulk.

Now, you can create, edit, issue addenda and send reminders to multiple packages in one go.

We set out to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible for our users, so, to begin;

Click on the Bulk Action Tools widget.

  • Pick what Bulk action you’d like to process
  • Pick the packages you’d like to update
  • Make your changes
  • Preview your changes and update your packages

Bulk Create Packages

Need to set up a number of your tender packages for multiple trades quickly?

1. Launch the Wizard by clicking on the Bulk Action Tools widget

2. Then click on the Create Package in Bulk link (All the headers are links)

3. Start by selecting your Tender Database. Pick your trades. And click Next

This will create draft packages for you to add your documents and bidders so you can begin tendering that much quicker.

Bulk Issue Addenda

With this tool you will be able to send out addenda for multiple packages in bulk with our easy to user wizard.

1. Pick the packages to issue addenda for.

2. Select from newly available revisions or Add new documents from the Register to your addenda

3. Edit what packages you’d like to issue the addenda for

4. Preview the summary and Issue addenda

Bulk Edit Package Details

Has your tender period been extended? Perhaps your tender contact person’s left. Now you can update all this information in one hit for all your packages.

1. Pick the packages

2. Select What information you’d like to edit. Make your changes

3. And notify your bidders of the changes.

Send Reminders to Bidders in Bulk

Not gotten the responses you were hoping for your package? You can now send reminders to all the bidders on your active packages in bulk.

1. Pick your packages. Decide who you want to notify

2. And send them a quick reminder.

More Great Additions

For more information about these changes to Tenders, Visit our Help Centre
The iTWO cx Team