Release Notes: Improved Onsite Defect Tracking, Reporting and More

The iTWO cx Product Team are delighted to announce our latest release for 2019. This update includes improvements to onsite defect tracking through the Mobile app, as well as a handy new report and dashboard update for logging defects in our online platform.

Our latest iTWO cx update is available now, and will be an automatic upgrade for Publication Space projects on October 11 2019. If you would like to get access sooner, please get in touch with our friendly Support team by emailing

What follows is a summary of the new features and functionalities on offer.

Pin to Plan on Mobile

Pin to Plan has been designed to provide context and clarity to defects found onsite, by allowing users to pin them directly onto a drawing. The process is simple:


First, you can configure what plans you need to use onsite through the iTWO cx Online platform. To make things as simple as possible, we’ve integrated this process with the Publication Space. You can simply add the required plans directly through our document management module.


Next, you can access these plans through the Defects module using our Mobile App.

You can open the drawing and select the ‘Pin’ icon using our familiar mark up tools. From here, you simply have to find the relevant location on the drawing to drop the pin.

The app will automatically load up a new Defects form, allowing you to easily fill out the relevant details associated with the issue. This process is streamlined thanks to our distribution rules that allow for automatic addressing, while the document title can also be pre-filled based on the information at hand.

A snapshot of the pin location is automatically captured and added to the defect as an attachment, so anyone else viewing the defect can identify the issue at a glance.

Tracking and Reporting

This iTWO cx update also features a handy new report as part of our online platform. The report helps you to provide detail for all defects logged against a drawing.

You can preview the drawing and click on a pin to view any of the defects in question.


The iTWO cx Defects dashboard now includes a Plans sections, allowing you to view all the defects logged against your plan categories.

Pin Forms to a Map

We’ve extended the GPS User Field functionality with this update, so now you can drop a pin anywhere on the map to create any iTWO cx form.

Learn More About Your iTWO cx Platform

If you would like to expand your knowledge about the features and functionalities available within iTWO cx, feel free to check out our Support space.

Within it you will find a wealth of knowledge that covers everything from module basics to administrator resources and system requirements. Clients can also contact our local team for more information.