Introducing MTWO: A Powerful New Enterprise Solution for Digital Transformation

RIB Software SE announced a major agreement with an Australian utility company earlier this month, revealing that 100 key subscribers will begin using RIB’s cloud-based MTWO platform.

This agreement is a significant development for RIB Software in Australia, marking the first major implementation of the MTWO solution worldwide since the product was launched in April 2018.

Group CEO of RIB Software Thomas Wolf said of the agreement: “We are very pleased to be able to deliver the first live users on MTWO ahead of schedule already early in H2 2018. On one side this illustrates the big interest from the market in subscription-based licenses for iTWO technology, and on the other side the attractiveness of the MTWO concept including with market best 5D BIM applications, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service in one bundled package easy to deploy, implement and use.”

For this blog post, we will explore the headline features of the MTWO solution to explain how organisations can benefit from a comprehensive and integrated hub for project development.

A Vertical Cloud Platform: Tailored Construction Solutions

For those who don’t know, vertical cloud refers to an online infrastructure that has been purpose-built to suit the processes of a specific industry. MTWO is built upon a bespoke vertical cloud system tailored for construction and real estate industries, supplied by Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, Azure Internet of Things suite and other technological advances are built into the MTWO platform. The result is a robust and future-proof cloud solution that allows RIB to successfully deploy a range of services built upon big data, 5D BIM and much more.

More Than 100 Integrated Modules for Your Project Lifecycle

The MTWO concept is built around integrating and digitalising every process required for project delivery in the modern industry. Large organisations in 2018 are still relying on a suite of software options, which can slow down productivity with vital data stored in several different places.

Some of the major enterprise-wide modules of MTWO include BIM, 2D/3D takeoff, scheduling, procurement, bidding, tendering, prefabrication, site management, controlling, document management and a whole lot more. Over 100 modules are integrated as part of the MTWO subscription service to support effective planning and maximise return on investment.

A Scalable and Customisable Subscription Service

Cloud-based subscription services are growing in popularity, with many major businesses moving away from in-house hardware infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure is reliable, scalable to suit changing business plans and often has a lesser upfront and maintenance cost.

MTWO Cloud can also be customised to suit the working processes of your business. The platform utilises an easy-to-navigate layout, with specific modules able to be prioritised as you see fit.

RIB’s joint offering with Microsoft truly represents a revolution for the construction industry. Contractors, developers, owners, managers and other project personnel can all reap the benefits of MTWO to streamline processes, maintain transparency and improve efficiency. It is clear that the solution can be effectively deployed across a wide number of users, as demonstrated by this major subscription agreement in Australia.

To learn more about MTWO Cloud, feel free to get in touch with RIB’s Australian team online, or by calling 1300 653 420.