Introducing Publication Space – Document Management. Simplified.

Publication Space

Secure, Scalable, Streamlined Document Management Solution

In this release, we are thrilled to announce the much-awaited update to the Register Module. We are calling it the Publication Space.

RIB is delighted to offer this next generation of iTWO cx as an optional upgrade to all our valued customers.

A simpler way for Construction Document Management that has put ease of use at the forefront for the benefit of all our users.

It is the result of nearly three years of hard work and collaborative development between RIB’s development centres around the globe. This version is equipped with a wealth of new features, including some highly requested ones.

Download the Brochure and keep reading to find out exactly what the Publication Space has to offer.

New Look And Feel

One of the key goals we set ourselves when we set out to build the next generation of our document management module was to make sure it was simple and intuitive to use.

As a result of this concept, the new interface marries ease of use with new technology

Uploading is as you as expect it. Drag and drop. Suggested search is your guide to finding the information you are looking for. Workflows and reviews are directly integrated into the whole process. You have greater flexibility in how you distribute your documents. You can access your documents on the go with our new mobile app with or without an internet connection. And all this is built on top of our renowned security model to protect your information.

Effortless Uploading

Drag and Drop. Done

We’ve done away with third party tools so now you simply drag and drop your files to begin uploading. It’s that simple. As it should be.

Added to that is the ability to fill out metadata for documents while they upload in the background. Saving you your precious time. The Publication Space also comes with some great new tools to further streamline the upload process.

Upload Templates

Once your dragged and dropped your files you will be taken to the upload page. Here you will be able to fill in your metadata. You can do this manually if you’d like or use a pre-condigured upload template that have all these values pre-selected. Pick the template to populate the metadata.

Auto Field Matching

Set up custom rules to intelligently extract metadata automatically from your document numbers.

Reviews and Workflows

Upload and Walk away

Reviews and workflows can now be configured directly into your upload process. Upload your documents to a folder, fill in the mandatory information and we will do the heavy lifting for you and send them all on the correct Workflow review and put them in front of the relevant reviewers.

We call this “Upload and walk away”

Once the documents are received, reviews can be conducted within the system as our mark up tools are built into the Workflow. You won’t need to do anything offline again.

Automatic Workflows

Streamline the review process. Now you can allocate a Document Review Workflow to a Folder. So when you upload your files to it, the workflow is automatically started and sent to the relevant reviewers.

Control Distribution

The tools are ours. The control is yours.

Distribute your documents to specific users manually. Use a distribution list. Or use a document’s distribution history and send them off to all the relevant parties on your project automatically.

Automatic Distribution

You can automate the distribution process with recipients set up under the Auto Distribute tab for a Folder. Uploading documents to such a folder will list the users who will be sent the documents under the Automatic Distribution section

Searching and Reporting

Intelligent Search.

With the Publication comes the new search engine that we’ve built from the ground up. The system will intelligently suggest criteria and options to help you find what you are looking for. Report via Dashboards or Traffic lights. Or maybe you’d like to build your own custom report and have it sent to you on a schedule? We’ve got your covered.

Suggested Search

When we set out to build the Publication Space we had two key benefits we wanted to provide our users.

To simplify how you upload your documents into iTWO cx. And to provide you with a tool that will help you find them without needing to understand complicated search system.

Enter, Suggested Search

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboards provide you with a bird’s eye view of what is happening with your reviews. Track bottlenecks and identify reviews that are running late and are outstanding

Traffic Light Reporting

Track Submittals that are due and report on ones that are complete or overdue using our inbuilt traffic light reporting functionality

Scheduled Reports

Create your own reports and customise which columns appear in the results and have them sent to you and others in  your team on a schedule

Go Mobile

Stay connected to your Projects

Our mobile app hooks up directly with all your projects running the Publication Space. Access, view, and store documents on your device off online or offline access.

Access Project

Access your folders and drawings with our mobile app.

Offline Access

You can view your drawings with or without an internet connection. Perfect for when on site.

View, Mark up

View your drawings and mark them
up. Changes are instantly uploaded
to your project so everyone else on
your team is immediately aware of
any changes or issues.

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