Digitalize and Industrialize NOW – RIB Wraps Up the 4th iTWO World Conference in Guangzhou, China

The RIB Group has successfully held its 4th world conference, iTWO World 2016, from November 16th to 18th.

At the conference, the worldwide iTWO community shared knowledge and ideas with regards to Construction 4.0, highlighting topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), construction digitalization with iTWO 5D BIM, Supply Chain Management for construction, iTWO global education as well as enterprise management in innovation transformation. The world’s first cloud-based 5D BIM IoT Enterprise Solution iTWO 4.0 was unveiled and is expected to drive digital enterprise management in the construction industry towards a new horizon.

As the first iTWO World conference ever held in mainland China, iTWO World 2016 invited over 300 visionaries from 21 countries. Top executives from RIB, Flex, McKinsey, Autodesk and a total of 24 world leading companies shared their success stories and provided in-depth insights on iTWO 5D BIM end-to-end enterprise management and its integration with advanced 3D BIM design and supply chain management

Three prestigious universities from Germany, the USA and Hong Kong presented their cooperation with RIB and their achievements in developing next-gen BIM talents.

RIB, which is the leading provider of 5D BIM Big Data technology to the construction industry, and Flex, the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions provider that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world, have combined their expertise and formed a groundbreaking joint venture named YTWO Formative, providing an open platform, cloud-based software solution that fully integrates end-to-end project lifecycle management with the physical supply chain and delivers “Made to Design” solutions to modernize the AEC business.

The podium discussion sessions were stimulating, with the audience participating actively in lively discussions on the digitalization of the global building industry, modular construction, 5D-BIM approach in education etc.

The iTWO Manifesto was signed by iTWO visionaries to show their commitment to unite, inspire and empower Smart Building and Smart Future.

The first two days of the conference were followed by a night cruise on Pearl River, where the guests immersed themselves in the breathtaking Guangzhou city and enjoyed face-to-face communication with global visionaries.

The conference also featured an exciting hands-on session in the iTWO 5D Lab, where participants experienced iTWO’s 5D-BIM end-to-end management system as well as iTWO 4.0 and gained first-hand knowledge of how big data and disruptive technology can transform enterprise management and bring real value to the industry.

Integrating data, people and machines, state-of-art information technology is continuously advancing the building and construction industry. “Technology has changed over the last few decades in the automotive industry, the entertainment industry, as well as people’s daily lives. Now the same thing is happening in the building and construction industry. Internet of Things technologies, Big Data, Cloud, 5D, and Virtual Reality technologies are entering and revolutionizing the industry. Digitalization and industrialization is an unstoppable process. Innovation transformation management is necessary to adapt to change and take advantage of technological development. RIB would like to be the preferred partner, running together with iTWO community members to achieve this transformation“, said Thomas Wolf, CEO of RIB Group.

“Partnering with RIB to create a smarter, more connected world – this is the best idea that we can find today”, said Mr. Mike McNamara, Chief Executive Officer of Flex. “We are pushing the boundaries of construction by harnessing the power of technology to advance Construction 4.0. Running together with the iTWO community, we build the future for the next generation.”

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