iTWO cx January 2016 Release

Happy 2016 iTWO cx users!

In the upcoming January release of iTWO cx we have introduced a number of enhancements to our Tendering module to streamline Trade / Bidder creation and Tender Database Management processes.

Trade and Bidder creation enhancements

Adding additional Bidders to a New Package

Now you can search for and add any existing bidder from your entire bidder database, regardless of the trade they are associated to, when creating a new package.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Create a new package.
  2. Then on the Select Bidders page you can search for a bidder by typing in their Company Name or Bidder Contact Name. This is an auto complete search box, therefore you will start seeing results as you type in.
  3. Then just select the bidder you want and they will be added to the package.

The best part is the next time you make a package for this same trade, any added bidders you issued this package to will be available by default as a bidder linked to this trade.

Adding additional Bidders to an existing Package

Additionally, you can also add a bidder from any other trade to an existing package as well. The additional bidder can belong to any trade so you can literally add anyone from your entire Bidder database.

  1. Open the Package by clicking on Package Summary.
  2. Go to the Bidders page and select Add bidder(s) from the Bidder tools drop down.
  3. You can then search for the bidder you want to add to the package and select them.
  4. Once clicking Add Selected Bidders, they will be issued the package immediately.

Creating a new bidder when issuing a new package

We’ve further enhanced the package creation experience by letting you create NEW bidders on the fly when you make a package. You will no longer need to add bidders to your database separately before issuing a package. The new bidders will be added to the package straight away and also associated to the trade you built the package for. So the next time you make a package for the same trade they are available by default.

  1. Create a new package by selecting a trade. On the Select bidders page, click on Create New Bidder
  2. Here you will be able to;
  3. Add a new contact to an existing Bidder Company (shown in the example (gif) below)
  4. Create a New Company with new Bidder details.

How to create a New Company with new Bidder details.

Creating a new bidder on an existing package

New Bidders that are not yet on your database can also be added to an existing package on the fly. This can be done by opening the package and following the same steps as when you added a new Bidder for a new Package.

Click Package Summary. On the bidder page under bidder tools select Add Bidders. And then click on Create new Company

Adding a new trade when creating a Package

Similar to creating/adding bidders to packages on the fly, you can now create a new Trade without the need to add them to the database first.

You can create a brand new trade prior to making a package by clicking on the Add new Trade option. Enter a Trade Name, a Cost Code if there is one, and link it to a global trade already in the database and you are done.

Tender Database Management enhancements

Adding a new trade from Manage Tender Database

You can also add a new trade without the need to import them using excel when managing your tender database. Go to Manage Database in the Menu under Tenders and select Manage Trades

We’ve added some great new features here. You can easily add a new trade, edit existing ones and retire trades as required.

How to add a new trade

  1. Under Manage Trade click on Add new Record.
  2. Fill in the details; A trade name, Cost Code, Link it to a Global trade and click Save Changes.
  3. This trade is now available for you to create packages against

How to edit an existing trade

  1. Select the trade row you want to edit
  2. Change the details as you want
  3. Click Save Changes

How to retire a trade

For the trade you want to retire, click on the Retire button.

You can see all your retired trade by clicking on the Show Retired button.

  • Packages that were created prior to that trade being retired will continue to work as normal
  • Retired trades wont show up when creating a new package
  • Under Manage Database & Company Details, you will no longer see this retired trade or the assigned contact(s)
  • You will not be able to add contacts to retired trades
  • Retired trades will not be included when exporting your tender database

Editing trade association for existing companies

With this functionality you can easily edit or add a trade association to an existing bidder company. Here’s how.

Associate to an existing trade

  1. Go to Manage Database
  2. Click on a Bidder Company
  3. Click on the Assign Existing Trade button and select the trade you want.
  4. Select a contact responsible for this trade
  5. Click update

This bidder company will now be available by default when ever you create a package for that trade

Create a new trade and associate

  1. Go to Manage Database
  2. Click on a Bidder Company
  3. Click on the Add New Trade button
  4. Fill in the details for the New Trade
  5. Click Add
  6. Select a contact responsible for this trade
  7. Click update