iTWO cx July Release

Locked Box (Closed Box) Tendering

iTWO cx Tenders now supports Closed Box Tendering. Here is how it works on iTWO cx

When a package is created you can set it up by as a Locked Box tender by ticking the Locked Box Tender tick box on the Package Details tab.

Once you fill out the other mandatory information and issue the package, the Tender Submissions by the Bidders will be locked (cannot be viewed) until the Package Close Date/Time has passed.

Tender Submission access will be locked from;

  • Tender Submission Notifications
  • Package History links
  • Package Progress Tab

Once the Package Close Time has passed you will be able to access the Tender Submissions by the Bidders.

For Project and Tender Admins

You can configure the Locked Box Tender as a default option from the Tender Module Configuration page.

If this option is ticked, all packages created from that point will have the Locked Box option turned on by default. You can always override it by unticking it on a package by package basis.

Bidder Mobile Number Details on Package

A bidders mobile number can now be seen in;

  • Select Bidder tab of a package
  • Tender Manage Database
  • Bidder Company Contact List

The mobile column will also be included when a package it exported to excel.

Lists on Forms now support Multi-line text

With this release of iTWO cx the List functionality; commonly used in the Quality Module forms such an ITP, will support multi-line text.

You will now be able to import multi-line data from excel directly into your ITP forms without losing the line breaks. Manually typed in line breaks are also supported.

Please note that Rich text formatting will not be supported.