iTWO cx March 2016 Release

In the March release of iTWO cx we have introduced a few changes related to the Tenders Module along with a number of other enhancements to the product.

Create Tender Package from a Transmittal

From this release you will also be able able to create a Tender package directly from a Transmittal. To do so, simply;

  1. Open a Transmittal
  2. Select the documents you would like to add to the package
  3. Click on the … button
  4. Select Create Tender Package

This will automatically create the package for you and provide you with a link to access it.

Create a Tender package directly from the Register

With this feature you will be able to add Register Documents to the basket and create a tender package directly from within the Register.

  1. First add the documents you want to issue on a package to the Basket
  2. Then click on the Create Tender Package button within the basket

This will pop up a message to let you know when the package has been created with a link directly to the package

Tender Package History enhancements

Packages History will now capture any time a package or bid has been viewed.

Export the contact list to Excel

You can now export the entire contact list and all the user details to excel.

To export;

  1. Go to the Contacts list by Clicking on the Contacts icon in the Project Bar
  2. On the toolbar at the bottom of the screen click Export to Excel
  3. The contact list will be exported to excel

Updates to the Document list layout and Sorting

The default document list layouts and sorting have been updated with the following changes

  • Added the Modified date Column to the layout
  • Added Issued Date to the layout
  • Removed Date Created column

Sorting from Main Menu

When you click on a document type from the Menu it will now be sorted by Issued Date in Descending order.

Sorting when Searching

When you search for a Correspondence document the documents will be sorted by Modified Date in Descending order.

When you search for a Transmittal document the documents will be sorted by Issued Date in Descending order.

These updates will be rolled out over the course of this month and early April.