iTWO cx Mobile – Faster. Better

The iTWO cx Mobile team have been spending a lot of time listening to your feedback since our last release. The result is that we’ve taken a deeper look at how we do things in the background and re-engineered our core components with the aim of providing you with a richer user experience. The main focus for this update was to make the app run as fast as possible and streamline user interactions to give you a better experience overall. Saving you precious time on all your project activity – Just the way you like it.

App Store Downlaod

Massive Performance updates to First time Sync

We wanted to make sure you got underway with your Project tasks as quickly as possible. So we spent a lot of time rebuilding how the app connects to your project data when you first login. The result has seen a dramatic improvement in synchronising with your project the first time.

Opening a Document is now quicker

We’ve tweaked what data is loaded when you open a document and when – this means opening a single document will be much quicker.

Document Lists are now paged

Your Notification and Correspondence Document type lists are now all paged. Meaning we only display the most recent 50 documents you or your company have been involved in. To view the next set of 50 documents you simply scroll to the bottom of the page and the app will fetch them for you.

Outstanding Documents only

We’ve further streamlined the Correspondence document lists by downloading only your outstanding documents to begin with. This way you have given access to the most relevant documents first. You can always change this setting at your convinced as well as search for documents in other statuses.

On Demand attachments

Sometimes you just want to have a quick look at a document to update yourself on what’s been happening on your project. This means that we do not need to burden the app with downloading all its content – specifically its attachment data.

Now, all attachments are loaded only when you want to have a look at them. You can download one or all of them in one go. It should be noted that once you’ve downloaded them they are stored on your device for quick access to them for next time.

Task Management Priorities

Each task in the back end queue has been given a dedicates priority to reduce waiting time when you perform a User Interface interaction