iTWO cx Mobile June Release

The latest iTWO cx Mobile release introduces a number of new features that will make your Mobile experience a lot more user friendly and intuitive.

All-New Document List Layout

The list layout has been upgraded to include key document information allowing the user to identify a documents Title, Status, Due Date and current Action user instantly.

This layout is now available on your Notification List as well as all iTWO cx Mobile supported Document Type lists.

Drag and Drop Document Addressing

Document Addressing has gotten a complete redesign and you can now move users between the Action and Info using Drag and Drop functionality.

Watch this short demo of the feature.

In addition, any new users who are added to a document are highlighted in Bold lettering prior to document submission.

And you can remove any of these new user with a single tap on the users name and clicking on the cross.

Streamlined App Updates

You can now use the standard iOS gesture of drag and release to trigger synchronization with your iTWO cx Project. This allows you to quickly and easily synchronise a part of the app without needing to trigger a full synchronisation with your iTWO cx Project

These specific synchronisations will be faster, saving the user time, and is consistent with the standard mechanism to update iOS apps.

This feature is available on the following pages Notification List Document Lists Modules Favorites

Find Documents Faster

A keyword search bar has been added to Document and Notification Lists.

You can now can quickly filter a document list based on keyword searching on Document Titles. Watch this short demo of the feature.


Keyword searching is only supported for Title User cannot save or Pin a list based on a keyword search they have performed

Automatic Titles

In iTWO cx we can automatically generate titles for a new document based upon what a user selects in userfields.

This allows you to have consistent titles and save time when logging the information.

For example, in a Safety assessment document you might configure the Risk level (Catastrophic, Major, Moderate, Minor, Low), Location (Building/Level/Room) and Likelyhood (Certain to occur, Very likely, Possible, Unlikely, Rare)

to be the title, so when the assessor logs the information your title would look something like this

CAT- A/L1/R01 – CERT

Giving you a quick summation of that assessment in the title, so you know what to focus on first.

This functionality is know as Automatic Titles, and now it’s available on iTWO cx Mobile.

Notes Currently iTWO cx Mobile only supports displaying the Code of the Userfield value.