Mobile Methodologies: The Rise of Apps in Construction Management

In 2021, mobile applications play a significant role in our society. Intelligent apps can connect users seamlessly, provide easy access to vital services, eliminate commercial pain points and much else besides.

Our industry has typically been slow to adopt transformative technologies, but we have seen the advent of mobile apps play a significant role in the evolution of construction management as of late.

Apps are used in the field by managers, contractors and other project participants for efficient document transfer, defect management, quick correspondence and many other workflows. For our latest blog, we have taken a closer look at the rise of apps across our industry, as well as the useful functionalities on offer with the iTWO cx Mobile App.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

Mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices are becoming more and more common on worksites, and it’s easy to see why.

Workers are better connected to colleagues, readily able to access up-to-date information and transfer files with minimal fuss. Managers can provide approval for urgent tasks while away from their desks, time-consuming manual data entry is minimised, and materials can be better tracked and managed using specialist apps.

Benefits such as the above make scheduling much easier and more flexible for project managers. Plans can be adjusted quickly as tasks are finalised, unlocking productivity benefits that would have been impossible before the advent of cloud and mobile workflows.

On modern projects, data collection is also much more effective due to mobile functionality. Everything from daily site reports to timesheets and information requests can be transferred from the site to the project manager with ease.

From a safety perspective, stringent health and safety regulations must be in place for any professional using a mobile device on a worksite, especially when dealing with heavy equipment or vehicles. Project managers in 2021 are well aware of this imperative, so rules must be clearly set and adhered to. Despite this, mobile technology can play a significant role in improving workplace safety too. Drones, smart devices and other machinery can be deployed to capture metrics that inform risk assessments and other considerations.

While some of the benefits described may seem limited in scope, the cumulative time savings over the course of a major project can add up to significant cost reduction in the long term. Additionally, mobile workflows such as these are addressing many of the frustrations and pain points that have held back productivity and our industry’s reputation in recent years.

Choose iTWO cx for Streamlined Mobile Workflows

Here at RIB Software, we develop our iTWO cx platform using a mobile-first approach to assist with onsite project management. A wide variety of streamlined functionalities are available within the app, which is free to download and access for registered iTWO cx users working on live projects. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Users can track and respond to important notifications while onsite, view the most up-to-date project documents at any time via hotlist, generate and send a variety of forms as required and much more.

For example, a contractor inspecting completed work can capture an image of any problem, markup the photo as required for clarity, before sending it to the responsible subcontractor immediately to complete rework. This allows for much quicker progress and completion of project components.

An Offline mode is even available for the iTWO cx Mobile App, with several useful functionalities still supported when connection is lost. The app features a simple and intuitive user interface, with a ‘Me’ tab (shown below) providing easy access to the user’s hotlist, notifications and documents.

A ‘Favorites’ tab is also on offer, supporting users who want to have custom access to the documents used most frequently, while QR code functionality is another recent enhancement for quick drawing access.

These are far from the only functionalities available with the iTWO cx Mobile App. Click here to take a closer look at the portable workflows available to iTWO cx app users.

Make the Switch to iTWO cx

Modern project management requires the most advanced and flexible software platforms, and iTWO cx by RIB Software is constantly developed to suit the latest needs of the industry. A range of custom modules are also available to suit bespoke project requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the project control benefits of iTWO cx, both onsite and in the office, then don’t hesitate to contact your local iTWO cx Sales Team today!