My Favourite iTWO cx Feature – Custom Split Functionality

For our latest blog series, we will be asking our iTWO cx Consultant team to take us through their favourite iTWO cx feature and explain why it creates value for our clients. This month, we spoke to our Centre of Excellence Team Leader Jeanine Patellis about Custom Split functionality.

One of many things that make iTWO cx great is the ability to configure workflows that can save you time and effort, such as Status Action Buttons which my colleague Beatrice wrote about recently. Another valuable configuration option is the Custom Split feature, a tool that allows you to conveniently split to another form type to either continue a current conversation or support a workflow or process.

The Custom Split functionality lets iTWO cx users add a button to the Form toolbar which when clicked, will open that set form. In the below example, you’ll see a Custom Split setup for easy RFI or SI creation.

iTWO cx Feature – Custom Split Functionality

How Does Custom Split Work?

Project administrators looking to create logical workflows can configure Custom Split in a way that suits them and their teams best. For example, forms that often necessitate a Request for Information can be setup so the relevant button always appear on the bottom toolbar of the form. It’s even possible to customise the name of this button as required.

Users simply click on the form type they wish to create, and the new form will open in a popup window. To use Custom Split for lists, it’s necessary to configure a Document List user field which supports the creation of supporting documents in line. It’s even possible to use this with the iTWO cx mobile application.

iTWO cx Feature – Custom Split Functionality

What are the Benefits of Custom Split?

Custom Split is one of the simplest iTWO cx functionalities to configure and use, but it can have a significant impact when streamlining workflows. It creates a link between each document which can be used to jump between (or ‘split’) forms as you work. Project administrators who take the time to understand the common requirements of all project roles can really improve overall processes.

Custom Splits can also be configured against the model, and there is no limitation on the number or type of forms that can be setup using this handy feature.

If you would like to learn more about Custom Split or any of our streamlined iTWO cx features, feel free to contact your local iTWO cx Sales team today!