My Favourite iTWO cx Feature – Saved Searches

For our latest blog series, we will be asking our iTWO cx Consultant team to take us through their favourite iTWO cx feature and explain why it creates value for our clients. This month, we spoke to our Senior Consultant Leon Bloor about Saved Searches.

Searching is one of the core features of iTWO cx, but it goes beyond locating information. Saving the search allows you to customise the layout of your results and include additional data, such as the number of days until an item is due, or any custom field data like a Zone or Work Breakdown Structure.

The results can be set as editable, allowing values across multiple forms to be updated as you would on an Excel sheet.

You can schedule the search to run at regular intervals. For example, you might want a report showing all outstanding RFI’s to be sent first thing every Monday morning, allowing you to setup and plan your week effectively. There are several options available, depending on how you wish to structure your workflows.

iTWO cx Feature – Saved Searches

How Do Saved Searches Work?

It’s very simple to configure a saved search within iTWO cx. All you need to do is click the Search (magnifying glass) icon in the top-right of your iTWO cx interface. From here, simply navigate to the Save button and click it. Users can choose the location for this option to show up, such as under the Correspondence or other modules.

iTWO cx - How Do Saved Searches Work

When enabling a schedule, you can choose the day and even the time of day when the search will run. It’s also possible to select which members on the iTWO cx project will receive the regular results.

What are the Benefits of Saved Searches?

Saved search functionality can be a great time saver for locating and working with data in iTWO cx, especially for those dealing with varied or complex projects. It only takes a single click to find and act upon ‘saved’ criteria results to keep your project moving.

A customised layout allows just the data you need to be displayed, sorted, filtered, edited, or even transferred to Excel for further organisation or action. Setting a schedule automates the task of running the search and distributing the results. This can act as a useful reminder and allow you to plan out effective workflows in advance.

If you would like to learn more about Saved Searches or any of our streamlined iTWO cx features, feel free to contact your local iTWO cx Sales team today!