My Favourite iTWO cx Feature – Status Action Buttons

For our latest blog series, we will be asking our iTWO cx Consultant team to take us through their favourite iTWO cx feature and explain why it creates value for our clients. This month, we spoke to Sydney-based Consultant Beatrice Parfait about the Status Action Buttons feature.

iTWO cx has been designed to allow Administrators to configure simple and practical workflows for project correspondence. One of the best examples of this are Status Action Buttons, which serve to simplify administrative processes for workflows such as defect and contract management.

Project controllers, site inspectors, tradespeople and other participants regularly use forms with inbuilt Status Action workflows.

How Do Status Action Buttons Work?

Put simply, Status Action Buttons are designed to support very simple correspondence workflows; as long as certain preconditions are met, users can often progress their assigned tasks with a single button click.

As an example, let’s look at the defect management process. For managers, Action Buttons can be used to automatically assign defects to the most suitable trade. Once that person or team has carried out the work satisfactorily, managers need only to click a single button to complete the workflow and close it out. The below example shows a form with red and green ‘Pass’ and ‘Fail’ Action Buttons already configured.

iTWO cx Status Action Buttons

As for the contractor in this example, they can simply upload a photo of the completed work if required, before clicking a single button to change the status from ‘ISSUED FOR REPAIR’ to ‘READY TO INSPECT’. As both managers and project participants are often dealing with numerous competing tasks, this kind of simplicity can be very valuable.

This feature isn’t just limited to desktop workflows. Status Action Buttons were added to the iTWO cx Mobile App in early 2020, making it easier than ever for those working onsite to close out their tasks efficiently. The same logic applies for workflows on the Mobile App. The left screen below shows that the form status will change to ‘READY TO INSPECT’ once the ‘Done’ button is pressed, while the screen on the right shows the Select Field option mapped to a user, where the form action will change to the selected user once a choice is made.

iTWO cx Mobile Status Action Buttons

What are the Benefits of Status Action Buttons?

Status Action Buttons are useful as they make it very clear what is required of the user, mitigating the risk of incomplete forms holding up processes. iTWO cx administrators can configure permissions so that Status Action Buttons are only visible to those who need to see them.

It’s also possible to set specific criteria, so that different options are visible based on the values that appear in the form. The ability to configure unique workflows is particularly valuable on complex projects; as an example, admins might opt for a series of preconditions to be met for contract workflows, to prevent important forms from being submitted with incomplete data.

Status Action Buttons are also handy when it comes to accountability, as admins can see what button a user has pressed through an easy-to-use audit trail. This added transparency can be especially useful if any disputes are to arise.

If you would like to learn more about Status Action Buttons, or indeed any of our streamlined iTWO cx modules, feel free to reach out to your local iTWO cx Sales team today!