My Favourite iTWO cx Feature: Version Sets

For our latest blog series, we will be asking our iTWO cx Consultant team to take us through their favourite iTWO cx feature and explain why it creates value for our clients. This month, we spoke to Sydney-based Senior Consultant Catherine Tambouras about the Version Sets feature.

One of the major benefits of iTWO cx and other web-based platforms lies in the ability to create document repositories for future reference. Version Sets is a tool located within the iTWO cx Publication Space that allows users to save a collection of revision-controlled documents at any point in time.

Once documents are added to a Version Set, they will always display the relevant information about the file in question, at the time it was added to the Version Set. I like to think of it as setting aside a copy of your revisions, just in case they can be used for comparison later down the line.

How Do Version Sets Work?

Simply navigate to the Version Sets option in the menu column as shown above to get started. From here, documents can be added to your Version Set from different locations for ease of use. You can add to your Version Set while you have a drawing open (by using the ‘Add to Version Set’ button on the lower ribbon menu), or else you can utilise the iTWO cx Basket or add multiple files when you have a folder open in the Publication Space.

Once items have been added to your Version Set, you have access to a Tools button so you can remove files from the set, export to PDF or Excel, or add to Basket. Permission settings can also be applied for created Version Sets, in case you need to deny access to certain revisions for certain users.

Even though these document have been ‘set aside’, you still have the ability to use them as required within Publication Space, including performing markups, superseding revisions and more. For a step-by-step guide to using Version Sets, including editing and searching on sets, please visit this link.

What Are the Benefits of Version Sets?

Version Sets are one of my favourite features within iTWO cx due to their ease of access and use. It’s simple to navigate to the feature within the menu column, and once there you can quickly create as many Version Set folders as you require. For example, one set of tender architectural drawings, one set of tender civil drawings, or whatever configuration suits you best. Additional documents can also be added to your Version Set at any time.

One of the biggest advantages is if you need to see any changes from the original drawing to the current revision for the sake of submitting a variation, you can easily access the original tender drawing from the Version Set folder and then click on Compare Revision to highlight the changes. This saves so much time and picks up any changes easily from revision to revision, and carries the potential to save money, minimise defects and prevent disputes between parties.

If you would like to learn more about the Publication Space or other features offered within iTWO cx, feel free to reach out to your local RIB team today!