New in iTWO cx 20.07: Enhanced Pin to Plan Functionality and QR Code Support for Mobile

For our latest major iTWO cx update, our development teams have worked hard to expand several existing functionalities and introduce some new ones.

Our 20.07 release is centred around enhancements for the Pin to Plan feature in the Publication Space and Mobile application, as well as the addition of mobile QR Code scanning for more efficient workflows.

These are far from the only changes we have made with our 20.07 release. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link. This updated version will be automatically rolled out across all projects starting July 29.

Pin Any Form Type to Your Publication Space Plans

The Pin to Plan feature was first introduced to provide context and clarity to defects found onsite, by allowing users to pin information directly onto a drawing. With this release, users can now add a pin to a drawing on the online version of iTWO cx, or else add any form type as a pin to a drawing.

Once the chosen option has been selected as above, users can add pins by selecting the ‘Mark Up’ option at the bottom of the drawing window, before selecting the ‘Pin’ option in the toolbar. From here, it’s a simple process to move the mouse and click on the drawing where you would like to add a pin.

You will then see a popup form where you can select a form type. These form types might include Defects, Work Lots, Requests for Information and much more. Every different form type will be easily identifiable, so iTWO cx users can determine at a glance just how much additional work is required for certain project components. These pins can be moved around as required, and it’s also possible to generate a detailed report that shows all the different form types that have been added as pins on a project.

This enhanced functionality allows for a smoother defects management process, with more information than ever now visible on drawing plans.

Mobile Improvements: New Pin to Plan Functionality

The Publication Space additions mentioned above are also available in our Mobile application, with any form type now supported as pins on your drawings.

Make sure you check out our Release Notes for a complete overview of how to configure this on the Mobile App. As with the online version, you’ll be able to mark up drawings effectively, view pinned forms, filter by form type, relocate pins and much more. The Pin to Plan feature has been a popular Mobile app addition for onsite workflows, and we’re pleased that the functionality has been expanded with this release.

QR Code Support for Efficient Data Access

Quick Response Codes are currently used as a helpful utility in many industries worldwide, and we’re excited to introduce them to iTWO cx with this release.

Mobile app users can utilise QR codes to easily create forms with data linked to the QR code you have scanned, mitigating the need to input project data manually. QR codes can also be used to load a list of forms that are filtered to the data on the QR code you’ve scanned.

It’s simple to scan a QR code using your smartphone camera. Once you’ve scanned, all the data associated with the code will display, such as form type and user field information. From here you can create any new form type that is linked to the QR, or else load a list of forms for the user field option that you scanned. This new feature is yet another time-saving option for those looking to effectively manage numerous project tasks as efficiently as possible.

Learn More About Our Latest iTWO cx Additions

Version 20.07 includes many other improvements that we haven’t detailed, ranging from Core and Tenders module advances to Single Sign-On support and much more. Current iTWO cx users who have any questions about these upgrades can reach out to us through our Support Portal. Eligible clients wishing to start working with these updated Mobile functionalities must download our new ‘iTWO cx’ application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, which will be available as of July 29.

With this release, project management professionals have more options than ever to improve their iTWO cx processes. If you’d like to enquire further about the features covered or the benefits of our fully-integrated project management solution, feel free to contact your local iTWO cx Sales team today!