New in iTWO cx 20.11: Dynamic Dashboard Customisations, QR Code Enhancements and More

20.11 is our final major platform update of 2020, and our development teams have produced a long list of improvements and new options for iTWO cx users.

This version is headlined by new custom dashboard options that allow for more detail to be added, as well as expanded QR code support that builds on our previous release for greater workflow efficiency.

These are just a few of the many enhancements featured in our 20.11 release. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link. This updated version will be automatically rolled out across all projects starting November 25.

New Dashboard Options:

Adding User Fields and Metadata

iTWO cx users dealing with a large volume of documents will be able to more efficiently manage lists with this update. We have enhanced the customisation potential for lists on a dashboard, with up to 15 user fields now able to be added to the list view. Up to three rows of descriptive metadata can also be applied using dashboards.

To configure this, users simply need to navigate to the List Layout page, before choosing to add a field in the dashboard that spans one or two columns. From here, it’s a simple process to choose the requisite field from a dropdown menu. The end result is a bespoke list layout that matches user preference and allows for easier navigation.

iTWO cx users can simply add and delete fields and rows as required, with column selections able to be expanded with a single click.

A New Map View for Forms

iTWO cx users now have the option to view forms on a map, making it easier to keep track of outstanding items such as defect statuses. To take advantage of this, simply visit your Publication Space dashboard, open a list and navigate to the Map tab, as shown below.

From here, it’s easy to click on any pin to get a summarised view of the form in question, or to view the form in its entirety. For those involved with multiple projects, this makes it much simpler to track outstanding items with a single glance and respond accordingly.

Enhanced Options for QR Code Workflows

Our previous update introduced QR code functionality, and iTWO cx users have a selection of new options with this release. In 20.11, codes can be used to access latest drawing revisions with ease.

To add a QR code to a drawing, simply navigate to the Mark Up toolbar, select ‘QR Code’ as shown below and add a code wherever you wish on the drawing, before pressing Save.

Printing QR codes is also possible with this update. Users simply must click the Print Revisions button on a drawing with a code, include the QR code when printing and click the Download button.

Users can scan the printed code using the Mobile Application. The app will check if the drawing version you have scanned is the latest revision; if newer revisions are available, you can download them immediately if you have access permission. This provides even more confidence that you’re working with the most up-to-date drawing versions.

New Mobile App Developments

As is the case with the desktop version of iTWO cx, Mobile App users can now view documents via a QR code following the same workflow. We’ve also introduced a Dark Mode option for both iOS and Android devices, as well as a ‘My Docs’ tab that provides easy access to outstanding forms you have created. The data shown in this tab will match the same hotlist information you see when logged into the desktop version of iTWO cx.

Find Out More About Enhanced Features Available in iTWO cx 20.11

There are even more great improvements in 20.11, ranging from Publication Space additions to core platform enhancements, that you can read about here. Current iTWO cx users who have any questions about these upgrades can reach out to us through our Support Portal. Eligible clients who wish to make use of our mobile application can download the ‘iTWO cx’ app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

With our 20.11 release, iTWO cx users are better equipped than ever to streamline their processes and collaborate seamlessly with project teams. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of iTWO cx for a variety of project management processes, don’t hesitate to contact your local iTWO cx Sales team today!