New in iTWO cx 21.04: A New List View for Forms and Searches, Improved Inline Editing and More

The first major iTWO cx update of 2021 sets a foundation for the remainder of the year, with our development teams introducing a host of new features for improved data structure, navigation and user experience.

A new and improved grid structure for List Views is now available, making it easier to view and manage large lists. This new functionality extends to all form types, as well as saved searches. Inline edit controls have also been revamped to allow for smoother workflows with this update.

Below we have outlined the core improvements on offer with the 21.04 release, but there is an extensive list of other updates that have been made. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link. This updated version will be automatically rolled out across all projects starting April 14.

The New iTWO cx List View – All Form Types and Saved Searches

The headline feature of Version 21.04 is an all-new List View, which makes it easier than ever to keep track of all different form types and saved searches. We have introduced an adjustable grid structure which allows for greater customisation and control.

Before 21.04 Update

After 21.04 Update

Improved aspects of the new List View include the ability to resize columns as required. You can simply click and drag the border of any column to resize, or else double-click on the header border of a column to auto resize, so that all data within that column can be seen at once. We have also introduced a more intuitive system for page navigation. It is now simpler to click through pages, visit a specific page or navigate to the start or end of your lists with ease.

As well as the above, the new List View now fixes header rows and the Summary and Filter controls in place for improved navigation.

If you’re scrolling down the List View, the header row will remain fixed at the top of your screen so you can easily identify which column you’re viewing at a glance. As for the Summary and Filter buttons, these will remain fixed in position while you’re scrolling horizontally across a grid view, allowing you to summarise or filter results more efficiently than ever.

These List View changes are just the start of what we have planned for iTWO cx in 2021. Subsequent releases this year will introduce new List View improvements which will further enhance your ITWO cx experience.

Revamped Inline Edit Controls

A refined user experience was a key focus of our 21.04 release, and we have upgraded our inline edit controls to help achieve this aim.

List management is now easier than ever for complex projects. We have added an auto filter for Select and Contact user fields, which both allow you to type into a handy search bar within the editor to quickly filter your results. We have also introduced a date picker with improved calendar control for efficient Due Date allocation.

The UX improvements don’t stop there. 21.04 includes a cascading field interface change which introduces an easy-to-navigate tree view, as well as a new checkbox user field that shows a handy set of simple options for streamlined form creation.

In addition to the above UX improvements, you can also expect to see quicker loading times for your lists. Subsequent iTWO cx releases this year will allow for filtering on grid columns, as well as the ability to customise your register views. Stay tuned for more information!

Learn More About the Latest Enhancements in iTWO cx 21.04

The improvements listed above are just a summary of the core changes we have made with the first iTWO cx update of 2021. Other new features include improved upload progress indicators, refined options for project admins, further additions for the mobile app and much more. You can read about all the latest changes here.

With the 21.04 release, iTWO cx users can manage lists and tasks more efficiently than ever before on projects large and small. To learn more about the varied potential of iTWO cx for seamless project management, feel free to contact your local iTWO cx Sales team today!