New in iTWO cx 21.08: Interface Improvements, Digital Signatures and Configurable Tender Assessment

The second major iTWO cx update for 2021 expands upon our 21.04 release, with further Grid View enhancements as well as brand new functionalities that will make your workflows more efficient than ever.

Contact Lists have been enhanced with a new grid structure, while a digital signature field has been added for forms. Bid assessment has been improved with configurable criteria, while Mobile App users can now open email notifications they receive through the application.

These core improvements have been explored below, but there is an extensive list of other updates that have been applied. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link. This updated version will be automatically rolled out across all projects starting August 18.

An All-New Grid View for Contact Lists

Our previous 21.04 release laid a foundation by introducing an adjustable grid structure for List Views, and we’ve taken things one step further with 21.08.

Contact Lists now appear with the same grid structure, allowing for a better viewing experience and easier access to key details.

When loading large contact lists, users can expect to see improved performance with this release. Columns are filterable, so you can quickly search for a specific person according to their Name, Email Address, Job Title, Company Name, Company Role and more.

New in iTWO cx

As was established in the 21.04 release, Grid Views feature columns that can be resized, fixed headers for easier scrolling, the ability to jump to specific pages quickly and other improvements.

A Seamless Signature Field for All Form Types

Signing digital documents just got much easier with iTWO cx 21.08! Whether you’re working on the desktop version or our Mobile Application, you can now add a new user field type to any form which allows users to quickly upload an image of their signature. Anyone can upload their signature under their user profile, before adding it to any form as required. If a signature has not already been uploaded, it can be created at any time using the Mobile Application.

New in iTWO cx

Configure Your Own Criteria for Easy Tender Assessment

This release provides project admins with even more options for finding the right bidder. An all-new addition for 21.08 is the ability to configure weighted criteria as part of tender assessment.

New in iTWO cx

This is helpful for assessing the bidder’s responses, as project admins can focus on the most important considerations for the project at hand. Yes/No or text-based responses can be requested of the bidder, with estimators able to review the bids received and score the responses out of 10. These scores will be used, along with the weighting provided, to calculate a total and a percentage for each bidder that denotes their suitability.

New in iTWO cx

As shown above, the bidder will see the weighting assigned per section when filling out the form, but not the weighting of the individual line items.

New in iTWO cx

Scores can be given out of 10 when evaluating bids, and comments can be added to provide further context. All of this allows for a structured assessment to be sent out to bidders, that can then be scored against a standardised weighted criteria to ensure the right decision is made.

The three enhancements outlined above are far from the only changes we’ve introduced with 21.08. The Mobile App user experience has been further developed, with users now able to open email notifications they receive with their app. This makes it easier than ever to quickly access the latest project updates, whether you’re onsite or just on the go.

Learn More About What We’ve Improved With iTWO cx 21.08

For more about the enhancements listed above, as well as a complete list of every other update and bugfix we’ve applied, please take a look at our complete Release Notes. Other changes include improvements to recommendation forms, new Control Sheet configurations for contracts admin and more!

With our 21.08 release, our iTWO cx development team have worked hard to improve workflow efficiency and clarity, for project admins and everyday users alike. If you would like to learn more about the management potential of iTWO cx across numerous project types, why not reach out to your local iTWO cx Sales team today?