New in iTWO cx 21.12: A New ‘Timeline’ View for Forms, Simultaneous Document Review, Interface Updates and More!

The third and final major iTWO cx update for 2021 introduces a range of user experience and functionality benefits that are sure to please users.

We have added a handy Timeline view for task management, introduced the ability to simultaneously review documents across multiple workflows, and optimised the appearance and functionality of several interfaces.

These primary new features have been outlined below, but there are plenty more useful improvements that have been applied. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.

This updated version will be automatically rolled out across projects starting December 1.

Plot Your Tasks Chronologically with the New ‘Timeline’ View

Version 21.12 introduces a new option for viewing scope and deadlines associated with your tasks, all in the one place! The Timeline view represents an easier option for visualising form content and keeping track of what items need to be progressed first.

To get started, simply click on the Views button in the toolbar of a form register, before selecting Timeline.


This will transfer your list of forms to the Timeline view, and use the Issued Date and Due Date of each of the forms to populate a Timeline.


The Timeline can be sorted by Day, Week, Month or Year, and it’s possible to save any Timeline as a report that you can view from the menu later. It’s also simple to set both view and edit user permissions as required.


This version even allows you to add a new schedule for your project in a Timeline view, which can be configured based on a single or multiple form setup. Have a read of our full Release Notes to see this process explained in detail.

Simultaneously Review Documents Across Multiple Workflows

With this version, the iTWO cx team have introduced a new type of workflow configuration to support those looking to simultaneously review documents.

Workflows can either be configured as Locked or Not Locked. Locked means that documents in the workflow will be locked, cannot be superseded and cannot be added to another workflow. Not Locked means that documents will not be locked on these workflows and still cannot be superseded, but you may add them to another workflow that is also configured as Not Locked.

4-iTWO-cx-Simultaneously Review Documents Across Multiple Workflows

This new option grants greater freedom for iTWO cx project admins hoping to streamline their processes across complex projects.

An Improved Interface for Notifications and Hotlist

Our 21.04 and 21.08 releases this year introduced grid structures for a variety of list views, and this time the Notifications and Hotlist have been enhanced with a clean and functional grid format.

5-iTWO-cx-An Improved Interface for Notifications and Hotlist

This new functionality makes it simpler to filter RFIs and other documents based on Date, Title, Status and more. Users can also filter their notifications to populate a list of unread messages through a new dropdown option.

6-iTWO-cx-An Improved Interface for Notifications and Hotlist

An Optimised Calendar Interface

It’s not just the Notifications and Hotlist that have received a facelift; we’ve also refreshed our calendar interface for a more modern style and functionality.

7-iTWO-cx-An Optimised Calendar Interface

It’s now possible to view the calendar in Day, Week and Month configurations, as well as filter the calendar by Form Type or Status so you can effectively isolate the information you need.

Find Out More About iTWO cx Version 21.12

For further details about the above key features, plus a full list of every other new and improved functionality we’ve worked into this version, make sure you have a read of our complete Release Notes. Other important changes include the new ability to search revisions across their history, bulk updating of drawing metadata through a simple import and much more.

The three major iTWO cx updates launched in 2021 have further enhanced our platform and service offering, and we’re looking forward to exciting things ahead in 2022. To find out more about the wide-ranging potential of iTWO cx across many project types, feel free to reach out to our iTWO cx Sales team today!