New in iTWO cx 22.04: Refined Dashboards, New User Field, A Modern Forms Designer and More!

The first iTWO cx release for 2022 introduces further enhancements for our platform, headlined by new refined dashboards for users to get excited about.

These new dashboards have been informed by client feedback, making it easier than ever for users to display data the way they want. We have also improved our modern forms designer and added a new calculation user field that supports a wide variety of handy calculations.

The key new features are explored below but there are plenty of other refinements on offer with Version 22.04. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.

This latest version will begin automatically rolling out across iTWO cx projects on 6 April.

Refined Dashboards

Refined dashboards in our latest release can be configured a number of different ways, allowing you to see the information you require more clearly, and get a better idea of the bigger picture. Firstly, there are improved options for chart sorting. For graph widgets related to user fields, you can now sort the chart using Ascending, Descending, A-Z or Z-A options. Once a sorting option has been selected, further customisation can be added for total number of records, open records or closed records.


In addition to this, graphs that are represented over a time period can now be shown as a cumulative chart; either bar or line chart type. In fact, various charts can now be displayed as a bar or line chart, helping ensure the way you display your data is most relevant to your requirements.


Additional improvements to dashboards include new support for polygons on the map view, and action button workflow improvements.

Calculation User Field

In the 22.04 release, a new type of user field will be introduced to help you supercharge your forms! The calculation user field will allow you to perform simple calculations based on the user fields (such as currency, number, radio, checkbox, cascading or select) on a list control. Simply add the required calculation user field and list control in the new calculations tab, and this will add the details straight onto your form as per below:


There are also new options for count widgets where users can report on the average of a calculation user field across multiple forms, as well the percentage of forms out of the total forms.


Modern Forms Designer

With Version 22.04, we continue to update our forms with a range of exciting new features that will improve the user experience and make it even easier to manage your projects.

This includes:

  • An updated Addressbook with key UI changes including table/grid view that make it even simpler to scan through your contact list;
  • Support for importing data from the clipboard into the list control, which means you can save time and reduce copy/paste errors;
  • The ability to show or hide notification options, allowing you to control how users get notified and ensure everyone gets the most relevant information;
  • and more!


Find Out More About iTWO cx Version 22.04

For more information about the headline features detailed above, plus a complete list of all new functionalities, please read our full Release Notes here. Other important changes include improvements to Auto Distribution in the Publication Space, improvements to tenders and contracts administration, and much more.

We have big plans for iTWO cx development in 2022 and look forward to delivering new features and functionalities to you as soon as possible. To find out more about the expansive potential of iTWO cx for construction project management, feel free to reach out to our iTWO cx Sales Team today!