New in iTWO cx 22.08: Status Categories for Forms, Adding Pins to Maps, and More!

The second iTWO cx release for 2022 introduces further enhancements for our platform, with many visual and layout improvements to give users a better overall picture of their project.

Some of the visual improvements include new coloured Status Categories for forms, plus an enhanced map view where pins can be added and linked to forms. Furthermore, total and sub-total figures can be displayed for relevant information when searching. We’ve also added the option to bulk edit user fields where required.

The key new features are explored below but there are plenty of other refinements on offer with Version 22.08. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.

This latest version will begin automatically rolling out across iTWO cx projects on 3 August.

Status Categories for Forms (including Colours)

With this release of iTWO cx, we are introducing a new feature called Status Categories for forms. Now, users can group similar form statuses, and they can also assign them a unique colour. This means better process management through structured reporting across all modules and form types, plus easy visibility as to the progress!

There are five categories included by default: Draft, For Approval, Open, Closed and Withdrawn/Cancelled.

New Status Categories can then be added and assigned with a colour where required!

There are also several report types where the status categories can be included for viewing.

Adding Pins to Maps

In the newest release, we’ve extended our map view capability, now allowing users to add a pin to a map! Users can also link a particular form or multiple forms to the pin, and click on the pin marker to see a summary of the form/s at any time.

The map view can also be filtered by pin form type or their status.

This makes it easy for iTWO cx users to see, at a glance, any important points (such as remaining defects) related to a large scale project, giving a better overall view of the current build status.

Improved Search Results

There is now a new option available in saved searches to add an aggregate (totals) row of a selected field to the search results, letting the user instantly see a summary of the information they require.

Plus, search results can be grouped by status and user fields to make it even easier to see relevant information in one area. Sub-totals and totals can be displayed for the grouped results.

Bulk Edit User Fields

Another great new feature in the latest iTWO cx release is the ability to bulk edit user fields. A new option has been added to the bulk tools called Bulk Edit User Fields, which can be used when you want to apply a single change across multiple user fields. This new functionality saves so much time for users!

Find Out More About iTWO cx Version 22.08

For more information about the headline features detailed above, plus a complete list of all new functionalities, please read our full Release Notes here. Other important changes include additional configuration options for timelines, various workflow updates, continued improvements to the modern form designer, and much more.

Our second release of iTWO cx for 2022 has delivered many new features and functionalities for users and we’re already at work on the next one! To find out more about the expansive potential of iTWO cx for construction project management, feel free to reach out to our iTWO cx Sales Team today!