New in iTWO cx 22.12: Conditional Formatting for Dashboard Widgets, Cost Info on Dashboards, and More!

The third iTWO cx release for 2022 is now available! Introducing some exciting updates for Dashboards, Workflows, Forms and much more, there will be something for every user to enjoy.

Some of the headline features include conditional formatting for count widgets, and the ability to display cost information on dashboards. Furthermore, we’ve added a new workflow progress bar, a way to visualise a workflow with status action buttons, and more.

The key new features are explored below but there are plenty of other refinements on offer with Version 22.12. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.

This latest version will begin automatically rolling out across iTWO cx projects on 6 December.

Conditional Formatting for Dashboard Widgets

With this release of iTWO cx, we have added a new configuration to count widgets that allows you to define conditional formatting based on the number of results. This lets users easily see when certain criteria has been met.

To use this feature, open the Count widget and change the Conditional Formatting status to On. Then, define the value criteria and the colours, and Click Add Rule.

Display Cost Information on Dashboards

Another great new feature in the latest iTWO cx release is the ability to display cost information on dashboards. Simply create a count widget in the dashboard and then select the information you want displayed – options include Budget Adjustments, Contract Variations, Claim Amount Approved and more! This function can help users unlock better insights into how their project is performing at a glance!

Workflow Progress Bar

In our latest release, users now have the option to add a Workflow Progress bar onto forms in just a few simple steps! Just add the bar in the configuration page and chose to display by either Status or Status Category. This can help to easily track and identify the progress on a form and see what steps are still to be completed.

Find Out More About iTWO cx Version 22.12

For more information about the headline features detailed above, plus a complete list of all new functionalities, please read our full Release Notes here. Other important changes include workflow visualisations, multiple value selections for cascading and select fields, creating a default layout for forms, and much more.

Our final release of iTWO cx for 2022 will deliver many new features and functionalities for users to help wrap the year up! To find out more about the expansive potential of iTWO cx for construction project management, feel free to reach out to our iTWO cx Sales Team today!