New in iTWO cx 20.03: An Enhanced Tenders Process and Improved Project Control

Time is a precious commodity in project management, and our iTWO cx development teams have been working tirelessly to make our product as efficient as possible.

Our first full-platform release of 2020 offers a variety of new and enhanced functions for those striving to make the most of iTWO cx, and we have explored some of these updates below. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.

Managing Confidentiality Agreements

Everyone involved in the procurement process should be well aware of how important confidentiality is. It is a vital consideration for all parties, and it is integral that all tenderers and entities respect and follow the rules that are in place so as to avoid complications later in the process.

iTWO cx already offers a comprehensive Tenders module that allows confidentiality agreements to be easily submitted, but we’ve added two further management options with this release.

Project managers can now choose to outright reject, or instruct bidders to resubmit, any confidentiality agreements that have not been completed appropriately. This can be completed via your Package Process tab, and it’s also now possible to send a customised message to the bidder in question to indicate what information needs to be added or corrected.

This addition supports project managers who are dealing with multiple bidders, allowing them to streamline processes and ensure all requisite data is submitted early in the procurement process.

New Project Control Workflows

iTWO cx has been built and refined to support intelligent project collaboration and control. With every new release, we look into client feedback to identify workflows that can be refined or otherwise improved. Below are some of our latest changes for project control.


We’ve added several new options within the iTWO cx document management module, all of which support quick and efficient workflows.

iTWO cx now supports tickboxes for Upload Transmittals (TX) and Distribution Transmittals (DTX), so you can quickly select the documents you require as shown below.

We have also included the ability to download both revisions when comparing two drawings, so all available documents are available for future reference.

As for speeding up processes, this iTWO cx update allows users to bulk set verdicts to aid skipping workflow steps. Rather than make each selection one-by-one every time, it’s now possible to select your chosen verdict, before applying to all dropdown selections.

These aren’t the only Publication Space updates we have made. Two new selections are now available for the Design Review Issue toolbar, with iTWO cx users now able to directly choose Print or PDF as required.


iTWO cx users working across multiple projects will be pleased to note that it’s now possible to add new users to multiple projects. It’s simple to add the relevant projects for a certain user from a dropdown menu, and project managers can also add these users to security groups at their discretion.

Along the same lines, we have added the option to retire users from multiple projects once their contribution has been completed. iTWO cx managers will also have the option to easily change the ownership of all forms associated with the retired user, as well as remove that user from all groups they are a part of. Given the high volume of stakeholders involved on complex projects, this can be a significant time-saver for managers working with iTWO cx.

Added Notification Options

Clear and reliable communication is a core benefit of the iTWO cx solution, and we’re determined to ensure all stakeholders get the notifications they need.

The Import a Correspondence Register has been improved with this update, as iTWO cx users can now choose to notify the action user of the form when the workflow is completed.

Also related to Notifications is the new ability to sort all received messages chronologically by date. This addition gives users more options than ever when searching for previous notifications related to a project. The forum style functionality of iTWO cx allows professionals to search with confidence, knowing that all relevant data is stored within our web-based platform.

Learn More About the Latest iTWO cx Improvements

We have plenty more planned for iTWO cx in 2020! If you’d like to enquire about any of the features we’ve mentioned, or learn more about our fully-integrated project management solution, feel free to contact your local iTWO cx Sales team today!