New in iTWO cx: Enhance Your Mobile Workflows With Action Buttons

Modern project management demands the best possible onsite tools to keep things running smoothly. Here at RIB Software, we offer a comprehensive Mobile App as part of our iTWO cx solution to serve those looking to progress tasks as quickly as possible.

We have sustained a mobile-first approach when developing iTWO cx, in an effort to build a versatile application that works seamlessly for on-site project management. Our first iTWO cx revision for 2020 introduces a new mobile functionality that was previously only available on the desktop version of iTWO cx.

Action Button Workflows for Mobile allow project controllers, site inspectors and tradespeople to streamline their in-app processes. They allow the user to configure common iTWO cx forms so they can be completed with a single click, as long as certain established preconditions are met.

This blog post explores the advantages of Action Buttons for project managers and contributors alike. To learn more about what is available as part of the iTWO cx solution, please follow this link.

Why You Should Configure Action Buttons in iTWO cx Mobile

This new 2020 functionality allows users to configure their iTWO cx Mobile app in a manner that best suits their own requirements.

For managers, Action Buttons can be used to automatically assign defects to the relevant trade. Once the defect is deemed to be rectified, managers need only to click a single button to complete the workflow and close it out. This streamlining also applies to tradespeople who are working to solve defects, as the Action Button can be used to change finished tasks from ‘Issued for Repair’ to ‘Ready to Inspect’. No other action is required from their point-of-view. It’s a simple case of attaching a photo of the work if necessary, before clicking a single button to complete the workflow.

As mentioned above, Action Buttons are built around certain preconditions being met. It’s a simple process to configure these Actions so they perform as you require.

Select Fields are also able to be configured for Action Button Workflows as part of this iTWO cx update. This allows for values to be selected from a drop-down menu, auto-updating the iTWO cx form in question based on the mapping user field. For project managers working with professionals from a large number of trades, this is just another way that iTWO cx Mobile helps to simplify and expedite processes.

In the left screenshot shown below, the status of the form in question will change to ‘Ready to Inspect’ once the green Done button is selected. The screen on the right shows the Select Field option mapped to a user, where the form action will change to the selected user once a choice is made.


More Than Just Defect Management

Though we spoke about Action Button Workflows in the context of defects management before, they can actually be configured for all iTWO cx forms. iTWO cx desktop users have been able to make the most of this flexibility for some time, but now mobile users can take advantage as well.

Action Buttons give iTWO cx Project Administrators the confidence to set up structured workflows as required, safe in the knowledge that they will function as intended. There are several iTWO cx modules where Action Buttons can be configured effectively. Contract Administration can be streamlined through intelligent use of preconditions, while Action Buttons can even be set up to show on Preview Email notifications. Such notifications can be clicked on and progressed, without the user even needing to waste time by logging in to their project.

The addition of this Mobile functionality carries big potential for overall workflow management. Many project workflows are often very similar, and this functionality helps eliminate wasted time for a variety of project stakeholders.

Contact Your Local iTWO cx Team for a Full Demonstration

This update has been rolled out for all projects as of today. iTWO cx Mobile is available to all users who have a project/corporate iTWO cx agreement, as well as those who are invited to projects as a collaborator. The Mobile App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If you would like to learn more about the wealth of features available within iTWO cx, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local team today!