New in iTWO cx: Form Editing, An Added Revision Sequence and System Streamlines

Our Q4 iTWO cx update encompasses a variety of helpful improvements, based upon user feedback we have received over the course of the year.
These changes relate to our Core platform, Publication Space and Mobile App, and are designed to make it quicker and easier than ever to extract the information you need and keep track of progress.

We have summarised the key additions on offer below. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.

New Fields for Document Searching

When dealing with a large volume of documents, it’s not always straightforward to pinpoint a specific file. This is especially true if you have incomplete information to complete a search.

To address this, we have added two new columns that can be use in saved search layouts. These new options demonstrate …

  • The Last Closed Date – The day when the document was previously moved to a closed state.
  • Due Date when Closed – Relevant due date shown upon document closure.

The columns can be easily selected, as shown in the bottom-left of the below image.

iTWO cx Form Editor Updates

This release features a new form editor tool, that allows our iTWO cx Consultants to add a form label element that reads the description of the User Field.

Once a Consultant links this description as a label for your project, Project Administrators will be able to edit their User Field description as required. The changes made will be automatically reflected on forms associated with that project.

We have also updated iTWO cx so an error message no longer shows up on forms when certain user fields are retired from a form type. This will mitigate any confusion for those working with impacted form types.

A New Revision Sequence

As part of our Q4 release, we have added an all-new sequence for iTWO cx users looking to perform efficient checking of revisions in the Publication Space. This sequence is shown below.

  • A.1…99 to A-Z then 00.1…99 to 0-99 then 00-A.1…99 to 00-A-Z

It’s a simple process to locate and save your chosen sequence, as demonstrated above. Our system also supports two-digit numeric revision codes for easy identification.

Download Entire Folders with Ease in iTWO cx Mobile

In previous versions of iTWO cx Mobile, Publication Space documents or folders would have to be downloaded to your device one-by-one. With this process, it could be tricky to confirm that every single necessary file had been downloaded successfully for online perusal.

Our Q4 release addresses this issue, with folders and documents within Publication Space now able to be quickly downloaded in bulk.

To complete this process, simply navigate to your Publication Space. You’ll see there are now circular tickboxes visible on your Drawings menu, as shown.

Simply select all of the documents you require, then click the download button in the top-right corner to save them to your device.

It’s really that simple. You can be confident that you have offline access to every necessary project document without going through them all individually. Some of the folders you download might contain large amounts of data, so ensure you check file sizes first or download through WiFi if possible.

Other Changes and Improvements

Our Q4 updates don’t stop there. iTWO cx users can now select more than one form or attachment from the Document List User Field within a table, to support a more efficient process.

Any forms that are created within a Document List User Field will now have their relevant Correspondence workflows applied to that form. This differs depending on the number of associated workflows …

  • If a form is only associated with a single applicable workflow, that workflow will be automatically applied.
  • If a form type is associated with multiple applicable workflows, the form type will be created in Draft mode. This will allow you to select the relevant workflow before continuing.

The above changes will be rolled out across all iTWO cx projects as of today. If you have any questions about the changes mentioned, feel free to contact our Support team here.

Learn More About the Latest iTWO cx Additions

Our fully-integrated project management platform has improved greatly in 2019, and there are plenty more updates on the horizon for 2020. If you’d like to learn more about the latest functionalities on offer, or discuss the suitability of iTWO cx for your enterprise, don’t hesitate to contact your local Sales team today!