Release Notes: Tenders, Search on Lists and More

The iTWO cx Product Team are delighted to announce our first major release of 2019. This release includes significant improvements to our Tenders module, in addition to several key additions to our core platform.

This is an optional upgrade at present, but the changes will be automatically rolled out across all existing projects within the next two months. Your team can request access to these features now by contacting our Support team on 1300 653 420.

Below are some of the most notable features available in this release. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.


The Tenders Module has been upgraded in many areas to support the growing needs of our clients. Key improvements include:

  • Integrated Pre-Package Approval Processes
  • The Ability to Define Returnable Schedules
  • Addition of Bid Evaluation Reports
  • The Ability to Shortlist and Request for a Best and Final Offer

Integrated Approval Processes for Package Creation

iTWO cx users will be able to customise their procurement strategy to include an Approval Process prior to package creation, in a new feature built directly into the Tenders module. Users can now leverage highly collaborative form workflows and link directly with financials and the Tenders database to support Level of Authority (LOA) requirements.

Define Returnable Schedules

This release allows users to request that bidders complete a Defined Returnable Schedule (Price Submissions, Schedule of Rates and Scope of Works). These sections can be filled out during package creation, and iTWO cx project managers can now make completed schedules a prerequisite for bidders looking to submit.

Bid Evaluation Reports

Our latest release gives users the power to compare bids against internally defined schedules, as well as process post-contract changes directly during the bid evaluation process.

Shortlisting Bidders

iTWO cx now supports the shortlisting of bidders, and grants users the ability to ask for a Best and Final offer. Once you are happy with the offer made, simply issue the contract directly to your chosen bidder when awarding the package.

Publication Space

Improved Options for Workflow Administration

Workflow administrators are now able to delegate tasks, as well as skip workflow steps as they see fit.

Print Revisions

Our improved print tool makes it easy to download design issues and layers as a PDF file when required.

Core Product Improvements

Search on Lists

With this release, iTWO cx users are able to search on the list control. You can add columns from the list to your search results, apply inline edits or even create saved searches for future use.

Coordinate User Fields

This feature allows for the capture of GPS coordinates during form creation within the iTWO cx mobile app.

The features above do not cover the full scope of improvements and refinements made available with this release.

For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.

For more details about accessing this upgrade for your team, give our Support team a call on 1300 653 420.