RIB Software Finalises iTWO cx Agreement with ACCIONA Geotech

The RIB team is pleased to announce that a Phase-II-contract has been agreed with ACCIONA Geotech for delivery of the iTWO cx solution. ACCIONA Geotech will continue to call upon iTWO cx technology as they work on a variety of specialist construction projects across Australia.

This is the latest in a series of positive iTWO cx deals, and our team is ready to support forward-thinking construction enterprises who are looking to transform their digital processes.

Have a read of our news release below for more details about this iTWO cx agreement.

RIB Software SE (RIB) signs a Phase-II-contract (No. 37 / 2021) with ACCIONA Geotech

Brisbane, Australia, 29 July 2021. RIB Software SE, the world’s leading provider of iTWO 6D BIM ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) technology for the construction industry, today announced the conclusion of a next Phase-II-contract with ACCIONA Geotech.

ACCIONA is a Spanish multinational developer, specialising in sustainable infrastructure solutions that span the entire value chain. ACCIONA Geotech is a branch of the conglomerate responsible for specialist ground engineering, industrial, renewable and rail infrastructure services across Australia and New Zealand, operating from a head office in Melbourne.

The Phase-II-contract is an extension of RIB’s long-term relationship with ACCIONA Geotech, providing opportunity for future growth in utilisation of their RIB digital platform. ACCIONA Geotech projects operate within an RIB digital environment that is configured for unique project specifications and provides all participants unlimited use of Correspondence, Publication Space and Quality modules for project documentation and control.

Mark Opitz, Head of ICT of ACCIONA Geotech: “ACCIONA is enthusiastic in adopting and maintaining pace with contemporary technology to support delivery of the best possible value and quality to our clients. We look forward to working closely with the RIB team to continue to meet this objective.”

Christine Reilly, CEO of RIB International: “We look forward to working closely with ACCIONA Geotech during the next financial year and beyond, as they continue to deliver specialist construction services across the nation. The RIB team is very motivated to deliver a digital experience that meets ACCIONA Geotech’s requirements and preferences, and we’re pleased they have once again placed their trust in our innovative platform.”

About RIB Group

RIB Software SE is a pioneer in the digitalization of the construction industry. The company develops and offers cutting-edge digital technologies for construction enterprises and projects across various industries worldwide. iTWO 4.0, RIB’s flagship cloud-based platform, provides the world’s first enterprise cloud technology based on 6D BIM with AI integration for construction companies, industrial companies, developers and project owners, etc. RIB Software SE is a member of Schneider Electric and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany and Hong Kong, China. With over 2,700 talents in more than 25 countries worldwide, RIB is targeting to transform the construction industry into the most sustainable and digitalized industry in the 21st century.

This agreement was posted to the RIB Software Corporate News page on July 29. If you would like to find out more about iTWO cx and its diverse potential for modern project management, feel free to contact our Australian team today!