Tenders – Dealing with Externally received Bids

Happy 2017 to all our users!

With the January release of iTWO cx you will be able to manage Tender Bids that you may receive outside of the iTWO cx system.

These bids could be an email or an attachment you have received from one or more of your bidders.

As the bid has been sent outside of the iTWO cx Tenders system, previously the information was disconnected and was not processed by the Tenders module, which meant neither the Tender Dashboard nor the Tender Package was updated with the relevant bid details

With this update to iTWO cx Tenders, capturing this information will be is easy and the bid information can be imported into your package to keep all your Package/Bidder details in one place.

Here is how you do it.

Open the relevant package

  1. Go to the Tenders Dashboard
  2. Click Summary next to the package you wish to upload the bid to

  1. On the Package Progress Tab select the bidders you wish to submit an external bid for
  2. From the Bidder Tools drop down, select Submit an External Bid

The External Bid submission wizard will launch and display the bidder’s company and contact for those that you have selected.

You are now ready to upload the External bid(s)

Upload Documents

  1. Click the Upload button against the relevant Bidder and upload your external bid documents
  2. Click Next

Notify Bidders of Submission

After you click next you will be taken to the Notify tab of the External bid submission Wizard

On this tab, you are able to select whether you would like to Notify the Bidders about you submitting a bid on their behalf.

  1. To Notify – Select Yes. Don’t Notify – Select No.
  2. Review all your changes, Click Upload Bids

Package is updated in real time

Once the bids have been submitted, your Package is immediately updated with all the relevant information. iTWO cx Tenders shows these updates in several places

  • The Tender Dashboard is updated with the new bid details
  • Package history is updated (as shown below)
  • Package Progress is updated

We hope you enjoy this update to iTWO cx Tenders.

iTWO cx Product Team signing off!