Updates in iTWO cx 23.04: Workflow Templates for Forms, Visual editing for Workflows, New user interface for Standard reports and more!

The first iTWO cx update for 2023 will be rolling out soon! This release focuses on updates to Workflows, Reports, and more, catering to every user’s requirement.

Some of the main headline features include workflow templates for correspondence forms and the ability to create and edit workflows from the Visual Workflow Builder. Additionally, we have added a new user interface for standard reports, per revision metadata for documents, per row calculations and more.

Additional detail of our 23.04 release is explored below with more to discover from 12th April onward. For a complete list of new developments within this release, please follow our Release Notes link.

Workflow Templates For Correspondence Forms

In iTWO cx 23.04 we have added the ability to map out workflows for your forms by leveraging a form’s statuses. With the ability to create multiple templates or workflows for a single Form type, it provides users the flexibility to manage any bespoke workflow within a project resulting in greater efficiency.

Once you have created your workflows, you can choose which workflow to apply to a form when you create a new form of that type.

Visually Create and Edit Workflows

In this newest release of iTWO cx, an exciting new upgrade is coming to the Visual Workflow Builder allowing additional capabilities of adding and editing action buttons, distribution rules and document triggers directly from the Visual Workflow Builder. This will allow users greater control and customisation of workflows in an easy-to-use interface and from a single location.

New User Interface for Standard Reports

Within this iTWO cx update, we have introduced improvements and upgrades to the login, activity, waiting-on and related reports. With a new and improved interface, users can now enjoy a more user-friendly experience along with cross-project reporting capabilities and additional filtering options, allowing for greater insight across multiple projects on user activity and the status of construction project workflows.

Find Out More About iTWO cx Version 23.04

For more information about the headline features detailed above, plus a complete list of all new functionalities, please read our full Release Notes here. Other major changes include new options for document triggers, modifying visibility within forms, per-row calculations for lists, a new interface for form types and user field configuration pages, and much more.

We are excited about the new features and functionalities that will be introduced in early 2023, which will serve as a starting point for expanding the functionality and capabilities of iTWO cx in upcoming releases. With these upgrades, we aim to provide even greater value to construction project management teams, allowing them to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and achieve better outcomes overall.

To find out more about the expansive potential of iTWO cx for construction project management, feel free to reach out to our iTWO cx Sales Team today!