What’s New in iTWO cx? Our Transmittal and Workflow Interface Redesign

The RIB Product team are excited to announce a number of new User Interface redesigns and updates to Transmittals and Workflows, which we are sure will streamline your experience with iTWO cx.

Transmittal UI Updates

The Transmittal screen has been redesigned so that the toolbar matches what is available elsewhere in iTWO cx. All of the tools necessary to carry out Transmittals are now easily accessible.

We’ve also added in a few controls to collapse each section so you can view only the information that is relevant to you.

You can also Apply a Workflow to Documents on a Transmittal directly from the toolbar – Convenient? We think so!

Workflow UI Updates

The Workflow screen has been split into two modes. We call these the View mode and the Review mode.

In the View mode, the Workflow can be viewed using the panel on the right side, just like any other form on iTWO cx. This is a change from directly opening the Workflow review mode, as was the case previously.

Information and attachments added during the upload and distribution process are now presented using the View mode. To review documents, simply click on the Review Documents button on the toolbar. This takes you to the familiar Workflow Review mode screen.

Here we have added in the Workflow title, in addition to who has been added for Action or Info on the Workflow. A section has also been added to display any Review Notes and supplementary attachments that may have been input when the Workflow was applied.

Apply a Workflow When Uploading Drawings

To apply a Workflow in the past, users needed to upload their documents before selecting them and sending them on to Review. With our newest release we have streamlined this process.

You can now Upload Documents and Apply a Workflow at the same time on the Distribution screen. Should you upload documents to a folder with an Automatic Workflow associated to it, you are given the ability to edit the details of that Workflow prior to issuing it.

Editing Workflow Details

When selecting and applying a workflow you can now quickly edit the workflow title, add users and review notes and attachments on the one screen. A preview of the selected workflow has also been added to the same screen so that you are in complete control.

We have also edited document distribution within the platform. iTWO cx now allows you to add users for Action as well as for Info.

Configure Statuses for Transmittals and Distributions

When the Publication Space was first released, statuses for Transmittals and Distributions were limited to the default selections that came with the system.

With this release you can now add your own statuses and configure whether they are an Open or Closed status. You can set either of these options to be the default that appears for document distribution. If the status is set to open, users are also provided with the option to set a due date.

Report on Documents on a Workflow

Workflow reporting has also been expanded in our latest update, allowing users to see documents featured on a particular workflow. This report can also be exported to Excel for further customisation.

Let Us Know What You Think

We think these changes will help to improve your efficiency when using iTWO cx. Feel free to try out all the new features and let us know what you think. These updates are now available on all projects using the Publication Space for Document Management.