Withdraw, Cancel, Re-Issue Tender Packages and other great additions

In the August Release of iTWO cx, we are introducing a bunch of great tools for our Tender Admins.

Here they all are in no particular order

Withdraw a Package

There has been a growing need for iTWO cx Tender Admins to be able to Withdraw a package after it has been issued. Whether the package was sent erroneously or your organisation’s circumstances have changed, now you can do this with minimum effort.

We’ve added a Withdraw button on the Package Progress tab that is accessible to

  • The Author of the Package
  • Tender Admins

To Withdraw a package, just click on the Withdraw button. This will take you to a screen explaining what happens when the package is Withdrawn.

You can also add your own custom note to be sent to the Bidders explaining the reason for the package being Withdrawn. It is that simple.

Here is a sample of the Email your Bidders will receive

In case you are wondering what does happen to a package when it’s Withdrawn; it get’s neatly tucked away from the default view of the Tenders Dashboard.

But you can always find it by searching for Packages in a Withdrawn Status.

Cancel a Package

What about a Package that has not been issued yet? Same difference. Just click on Edit on the Draft Package on your Tenders Dashboard, and you will have the option to Cancel the Package.

Tender Admins and the Package Author will have access to this option.

Re-Issue a Package

Should you change your mind after Withdrawing a package, or you simply Withdrew the package to add additional details, you can now Re-Issue it.

Just search for Packages in a Withdrawn Status.

On the list of Withdrawn Packages, click on Summary to open the Package.

Here you will have the option to Re-Issue the Package. Just click on the Button and follow the prompts.

You can optionally add a message to be sent out to the Bidders on the Package.

Re-Issuing a Package will re-activate access to that package for the Active Bidders on the package.

Quick access to Bidder details within a Package

Another useful addition to Tenders is the ability to quickly access a Bidders contact details from within a Package.

Just click on the Bidders name and a contact card for that Bidders company will pop up with all their details!

More space to add your Comments

A bugbear in iTWO cx has always been that the area you get to add a comment when responding to a Form has been too small.

We’ve addressed that in this release. Now you have plenty of space to communicate and collaborate easier with the rest of your iTWO cx Project Members.

We hope this makes your daily iTWO cx experience much smoother.

We hope you enjoy all the additions in this release.

iTWO cx Product Team signing off!