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Best Construction Management Software

Construction management software is designed to help businesses better manage projects and streamline their operations. iTWO cx is the best construction management software for your business, offering a suite of tools and features that make it easier to manage project deliverables, collaborate with stakeholders, track progress, and ensure quality work. Our construction management software also helps businesses plan and execute their construction projects quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

At iTWO cx, we can help you configure a project management solution with the best construction management software for your operations. We offer web-based construction management software that supports every facet of your operations including project plans, phases, schedules and budget. Our intelligent collaboration tools include specific modules to assist in managing tenders and contracts, whilst also allowing you to track hours of work and capture data in the field.

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The Best Tools For You And Your Construction Project

Keep up to date with your budget in real time and much more with the very best of construction management software. The iTWO cx platform has been crafted specifically for construction companies, with all the tools on hand to help increase efficiency by managing all projects in one place. Tools are available to help manage day-to-day requirements such as dashboards and analytics, workflows and reporting, activities and the mobile app. Additionally, you can choose to add specialised modules to fit your construction project as needed.

iTWO cx is designed to be highly configurable, allowing you to meet all your goals. Being web-based construction software, iTWO cx is accessible and flexible. Maximise your projects with tools that have been created to increase office and field productivity so that you can meet your deadlines. With ease of use built right into its design, iTWO cx offers a streamlined management solution to see you from pre-construction right through to handover.

The Benefits of Using iTWO cx Construction Management Software

There are many benefits of using construction management software from iTWO cx to ensure a more efficient workflow.

Better manage budgets and contracts

In the world of construction, budget is one of the most important considerations for clients. To ensure you are best working to their monetary expectations, iTWO cx software can be implemented to improve cost management and reduce oversights and mistimed payments. Our Contracts Administration module helps users manage multiple contracts in real-time, variations and claims, with full auditability.

Seamless project management and coordination

When all members of the team have access to the same app and information, that’s when collaboration and coordination kicks off. iTWO cx allows for seamless project management thanks to dashboards that monitor workflows at a glance via visual charts and metrics. Navigation is quick thanks to Action widgets. Users can also choose from a variety of graphical views to suit their preference, to better understand data.

Secure and organised project document keeping and sharing

Whilst iTWO cx may be Cloud-based, you’ll find it a secure place to do business. You can access whatever you need, wherever you are, without compromising on security. This means that expenditures are safe, as is all client data.

The best construction management software shouldn’t interrupt the workflow of your day. Being cloud-based, iTWO cx allows you to access your data at any time, on any device, wherever you are – even on-site. iTWO cx comes with an app available for phones or tablets, giving users the power of iTWO cx on the fly. Collaborating has never been so easy. And you can be assured that your data is safe via our stringent security measures.

Defects management

iTWO cx’s software assists in identifying and solving issues as they present themselves via a real-time model that captures, tracks and assigns issues to increase accountability and ensure urgent matters are made a priority.

Increased productivity

When your software works, so does your team. iTWO cx’s Cloud-based, forum-style communication provides a single communication hub for efficiency and accountability, which can increase productivity and provide a more reliable information platform than email. You are better informed on project efficiency and deadlines thanks to real-time connection to those working on-site.

Reduced errors and need for rework

Improved communication via iTWO cx leads to a decrease in errors in your projects and the need for reworks. This is because iTWO cx supports quality management, as inspections and test plans (ITPs) can be found within a library of information in the software. Additionally, document access to targeted contractors can be controlled and information can be updated and revised by managers which allows them to follow up and review progress in real-time, while mitigating risks.


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Whether you’re a contractor, consultant, developer, business owner, work in the defence force, iTWO cx has the best construction management software for your project. Request a demo from us today, and find out how we can streamline your next construction project.


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