Construction Project Management Brisbane



Construction Project Management Brisbane

Construction management (CM) is a lengthy and complicated process. As the foundation of success, it’s essential to get it right.

Most construction projects can be split into three stages: planning, coordination, and execution. Due to their sophisticated nature, they require collaboration between many different knowledge areas, including law, business, finance, mediation, and such.

To handle the volume of communication and data required for a successful project, construction managers need a simple, integrated and powerful solution.


Software For Construction Project Management

If you are a contractor, developer, consultant or owner looking to optimise your construction project management in Brisbane, iTWO cx can help.

iTWO cx supports intelligent project communication and control using cloud-based deployment. It offers multiple modules that are purpose-built for the construction industry, providing a complete management solution from the project start through to the finish.

Users can keep track of the progress, quality, and cost of a project as well as manage any surprises that will inevitably occur during construction. It’s also possible to gain a holistic view of projects with simple and complex reports as well as dashboard reporting. Updating a team member’s schedule and tasks can be actioned automatically, and any change orders may be instantly communicated to the relevant departments for rapid execution. This means no more wasting time on multiple systems or trying to piece together information from different sources – everything is in a central location with iTWO cx.

Furthermore, iTWO cx lets users quickly navigate to documents, tenders, quality controls, defect notices and contract administration, while additional customisable modules including site diary, risk management, safety management and sustainability are also available. By having powerful modules that support every facet of your project in one place, you can efficiently manage your operations and streamline communication with stakeholders.


Communicate Anywhere, Anytime

When working across multiple locations, flexible access is essential. iTWO cx’s cloud-based platform lets you access all this from your computer, phone or laptop. Data is constantly synchronised, ensuring stakeholders have access to the latest information at all times. This means updates can happen on the go, such as an architect reviewing plan updates for a contractor. As a result, you can save time and eliminate rework. You may also task and schedule management with to-do lists and notification alerts.

With the high degree of risk associated with construction projects, accountability is essential. That’s why we built traceability directly into our platform. This means you can keep track of all document histories and know they’re backed up for the life of the project.

For further peace of mind, all this is protected by superior data security.

With such ease of use and efficiency built right into its design, iTWO cx is one of the leading solution provider for construction project management in Brisbane.

iTWO cx is a system that works for you. Learn how you can maximise your projects today.


Cloud-Based Construction Management Tools You Can Trust

Are you struggling to keep your projects on track? Our mission is to provide practical solutions and deliver certainty, so every project is a success.

Learn how you can increase your productivity and minimise risk with iTWO cx’s cloud-based construction project management tools.


Manage & Streamline Your Processes With iTWO Cx

iTWO cx is your ultimate cloud-based collaboration and management solution. Whether you’re searching for software in MelbourneSydney, Brisbane or anywhere across Australia, iTWO cx is available for your construction project. Powerful modules combine to create adaptable construction management software supporting every facet of your operations, from managing tenders and contracts to capturing work hours and data in the field. Imagine what clearer communication and greater control could achieve for your business?

See what iTWO cx has to offer below.



Capture and manage project information in a cloud-based forum style environment, allowing your teams to comment, track issues and report on time and cost impacts.

Publication Space

Ensure the right people have access to the right documents through a secure central sharing system with a comprehensive data trail.

Contracts Admin

Create contracts, set up project budgets and manage claims, variations and payments easily, freeing up your resources and improving productivity.


Easily create and monitor tenders. Plus manage responses from a central tenders dashboard, keeping your packages up to date with smart addenda management.

Defects Management

Capture defects onsite, assign to relevant trades and inspect the work to ensure nothing is missed.

Quality Management

Ensure delivery to agreed quality standards, with digital ITP test requests, surveys and NCR.


Review, approve and publish 3D models in CPIxml format using BIM. Compatible within iTWO cx, with no need for additional software or plugins.

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