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Digital Construction Software

iTWO cx, one of Australia’s leading digital construction software, offers unrivalled flexibility and an extensive range of features, iTWO cx is the perfect solution for construction professionals of all levels. Whether you’re a project manager, site engineer or quantity surveyor, iTWO cx has the tools you require to get the job done.

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What is Digital Construction Software?

Digital construction software streamlines business efficiency, one step at a time. This software is an intelligent platform that manages end-to-end processes of a project, from design and planning to execution and delivery, enabling construction professionals to make better decisions, faster.

iTWO cx offers construction projects, unrivalled support and the ability to achieve large profits while decreasing risk. Incorporating BIM (Building Information Modelling) allows for advanced, data-driven communication and project management that streamlines business processes. Digital construction software is the answer towards unlocking a more efficient and profitable construction process.


What Benefits does Digital Construction Software Offer?

iTWO cx offers intelligent project collaboration and control through its cloud-based construction management software. With a single platform covering all aspects of a construction process, iTWO cx allows on-site staff, co-ordinators, managers and contractors alike a streamlined communication process that boosts productivity and quality control.

Additionally, the construction management software provides real-time tracking of work progress and performance. This allows for better coordination between on-site staff and office personnel. The collated data from each project is expertly analysed to further improve productivity by providing insights for more informed decision-making, through intuitive reporting.

Utilising a digital construction software like iTWO cx allows for increased collaboration, irrespective of location; meaning that managers can tap into workflows and reports virtually in real-time, due to its cloud-based design. Additionally, the software also offers increased safety through construction visualisation; meaning a better understanding of a project site ahead of commencement allowing for increased risk identification and mitigations.

Digital construction software like iTWO cx is the future of the construction industry, providing a single source of truth for all project stakeholders that leads to improved collaboration, communication, increased safety and productivity gains. With a convenient mobile application along with intuitive and comprehensive dashboards, managers are able to track statuses and processes in real-time.


Digital Construction Software with iTWO cx

If you’re searching for a digital construction software, look no further than iTWO cx. As one of Australia’s leading big data-based smart construction platforms, iTWO cx is changing the game by providing a single source of truth for all project stakeholders that leads to improved collaboration and communication.

Incorporating dashboards, automated workflows and reporting, scheduling and communication tools all within one convenient, cloud-based application, iTWO cx is perfect for construction managers who are looking to improve project efficiency and communication.

What’s more, with iTWO cx’s real-time data analytics and tracking, you can be sure that you’re always across the latest project developments – no matter where you are. So if you’re looking for a digital construction software that will make your job easier, iTWO cx is the perfect solution.

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